I like my baby hair with baby hair and Afros

Hey!!! Happy Sunday to you. Y’all already know I’m coming through with the natural hair ish. Here we go! We all know Beyoncé line “I like baby hair in baby hair and Afros”. Gurl! I was so hype to sing along on that part!!! But here’s the thing I like my baby hair in Afros too but the little guy has actually started a whole new thang!

I am excited to share the news with you all. My son has now entered in to ranks with all the cornrowed brothas before him. Yassss he now rocks braids and conrows along with his adorable curly fro.

I can’t tell you the date that it started. What I can tell you is it’s been a ride. He’s had straight backs, individuals, and many other styles. The feedback has been okay so far. I been told that he looks more mature with braids and I’m okay with that.

His hair is never exactly perfect and I’m okay with that too. My son is never still. Let me tell you, about half way through on a GOOD DAY he leaps out of my lap (to play or twist or turn).So it’s no work of art but it’s neat and it keeps his hair from tangling and I’m not mad at that either.

I wanted to offer you all some of the things I live by when styling my sons hair. When doing my sons hair I always have a wide tooth comb, a comb to part, a brush, a spray bottle, and my moisturizer of choice ( virgin coconut oil).

When doing his hair I am always prepared for him to leap or lunge. Because of that being gentle is key! If he pulls or twist I could unintentionally be putting unnecessary tension on babies scalp. That’s just not an option.

When I braid his hair I don’t want him to look homeless but… I do not braid tightly. When braiding a toddlers head it’s not the time to show that you can catch all their edges (or hair that is way to short to be braided). It’s surely not time to show off how tight you can braid.

If your not careful you can most definitely do damage. Your babies hair line can suffer and long lasting effects that can stunt hair growth in the future.

Babies go through stuff with their hair on their own. They really don’t need our help to shake things up. I shared with you all that my baby had cradle cap. His hair has even broken off in the back. Thank goodness it’s now coming in nicely but that was all him.

The last thing we should be doing as parents is contributing to the ups and downs. When deciding to braid Edens hair I considered a few things. I made sure he was atleast 1 year old. I let his hair grow out to a reasonable length. I let his texture come in.

He has literally went from straight to a hint of a curl to undeniably curly to kinks and curls. I tried out a gentler style first. Last but not least once braided I checked on his scalp making sure that he didn’t have any bumps or redness.

We may think that we haven’t braided tightly but the truth comes out some how. It may manifest in bumps, redness or even just the look of pulling or raised scalp. All of these things are a reason for concern. If you see this on your baby (or you for that matter) take them out your doing more harm then good.

I hope that this was helpful to all the moms who are considering braids as an option. I’m here for you and I am you. Until next time. Remember, be happy be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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