Confessions of a over conditioner

Hey, welcome back to Afro Frenzy! It’s confession time and I’m here to confess. You know that girl they talk about in the memes? You know her the one that sees deep condition for 15 minutes on the bottle but leaves it in over night. Welp! I’am her and she is me.

I can’t even lie I go about my whole day or night with conditioner in my hair. It’s legit business as usual. I throw my hair in a bun I put it in two braids. At times I put it in a shower cap add some oil throw a hat on and go to the grocery store🤭.

I honestly have been this way for years. I know that I have to rinse it out. Believe me I do, but to be honest what slows me down is wait for it. I know as soon as I rinse out my conditioner I have to style it. Not only do I have to style it I have to replace the moisture with oils and butters. I’m not always up for it.

I don’t have the kind of hair that I can rinse out my conditioner and wait to apply product. I mean I can but the tangles😱!!! My hair will poof. Some times a poof look can work, and sometimes it just doesn’t. It’s a toss up it’s no way to know what your going to get.

I love to condition my hair. To be clear I don’t have damage from over conditioning my hair( that is a thing). It’s only on my wash day that I tend to fall into bad habits. Wash day is every week or two depending on we’ll my hair of course.

I wrote this post to let you know that no one is perfect. If  you say that your going to leave your conditioner in for a half an hour and your baby starts to scream or you remember you have something in the oven your not alone.

We’re all doing the best we can. Doing the best we can sometimes means conditioning on the go. Don’t forget that if you don’t get things right this wash day there is always one right around the corner. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

P.S listen to the back of that conditioner bottle sometimes your hair will thank you.🥰

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