Is cutting corners really saving you time?

Hey Afro Frenzies welcome back. Happy black history month! Lets talk hair y’all! It is so tempting to try and cut corners when it comes to hair care. I mean we get tired, we get busy and doing what’s fast and easy takes priority over doing what’s  best. I want to talk about five things you may be doing to save time that will cost you more time later.

Putting off wash day is like number one on the list. Wash day is time consuming  I mean prepoo, shampoo, condition/deep condition moisturize style, and some where in their multiple detangling session. Wash day can take time so it only seems right that putting it off when are schedules are busy is extremely tempting.

Although you may have freed up your day to run errands, hang with friends, or just simply take in the weekend in peace, you added time to your morning routine. If you know like I know when we put off wash day our scalps are irritated.

Our hair is dry and has fallen limp and we are waking up trying to add life back in to our hair. Refreshing your curls is great but when your doing it in place for a much needed wash day it can be a task. Long story short take the day.

Maybe you don’t skip your wash day but you completely skip out  on deep conditioning your hair. Doing away with deep conditioning  may seem like a good way to save time. After all you could just do it next week nobody will know.

Well others may not know but you sure will. With out taking the time to condition your hair your hair is less manageable, lacks shine, and moisture. Your hair with out conditioning  requires more up keep in  maintaining  your luscious hydrated curls.

Even though you saved time its taking  time out of your day to day because you are now compensating for it. Not to mention deep conditioning is preventative so just think about it as saving yourself from possible hair damage.

Lets face it  treating hair damage and breakage is very time consuming. If you don’t have time for a deep condition I recommend just doing the minum amount of time on the bottle. Some conditioners recommend as little as three minutes. I mean just finish your shower or shave your legs and boom your few minutes are up and you didn’t even notice it.

I hope y’all know there was no way I was going to finish this post with out talking about my new year hair resolution trims. Trimming man  its just an inconvenience really. I get it! I so do! you say you are going to do it next time and before you know it next time has come and went and next time turns into someday.

Not keeping up with trims will have you combing through single strand knots. Let us not forget the tangles. Oh the tangles! Your wash days are longer because you have to spend more time detangling.

A simple refreshing session is no longer a breeze which means MORE time spent on hair. All of sudden a little light finger detangling turns into clumps of hair between your fingers. I know its not a pretty picture Im painting but its my personal nightmare.

I just went through the whole thang myself and if its any incentive for you if you keep up with your trims you have less to trim. Gurl! Thats a win! I mean just think about it if your like me taking off two inches and taking off just one inch is a big difference. I don’t know about you but I have length goals. Two inches off instead of one is an avoidable set back. Trim those ends gurl!

The last two false time savers are not reading labels and rushing through handling your hair. I know that not reading labels may seem like it doesn’t belong in this post but I assure you it does.

We run into a store we say hey this looks good and we run out. Its a pretty classic scene. How many times have we been or seen a women in a bonnet running into a hair store grabbing something and jetting back out.

The problem with not reading the label is yes you got your conditioner or shampoo but is it the best for you. Does it contain things that your curls might not love like silicon and sulfates.

Is what youpurchased a hydrating situation when your hair may need protein. Or worse my personal favorite you  may be allergic to the ingredients. Not reading can cause a whole slue of unwanted and unnecessary issues. Take a few minutes and look over the label you may just be saving yourself some time.

Lastly rushing through handling your hair. How tempting is it to rush when your are legit in a rush. It makes perfect since to want to do things quickly when you have little time. But… and its a big but coming you may end up taking up more time by trying to rush through it.

We get impatient with our hair but when we rush through brushing or combing it its not very pretty. For myself I know that when ever I try to rush through it I just end up with a big olde mess. It takes less time to carve out a realistic amount of time to do your hair that allows you to to be gentle with your hair to minimize the damage and avoid a knotted crap show.

The next time you get tempted to cut corners just ask yourself are you saving time or coming up with a temporary fix that will come back to bite you later. Scheduling out time for your hair can be tough but we can do it! Hopefully   this post helped you in your journey to healthy natural hair. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!









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