Gurl who would have thought??? #Lovebeautyandplanet #coconutmilkwhitejasmine

Hey Afro frenzies welcome back! Today you guessed it we are talking about Love Beauty and planet   hair care line more specifically their Coconut milk white jasmine conditioner.

The last couple of weeks I have been putting infacis on the importance of reading labels. Well this week I followed my own advice and you wouldn’t believe what I found.

As you all may know I’m a recovering over conditioner. I’m trying to do better so I decided to do the recommended amount of time per label. What I didn’t know is that the label for the conditioner actually says under directions that you can rinse out or leave it in.

I mean that took me by surprise. I don’t think I have ever read on the back of a conditioner that you could leave it in unless it was a leave in conditioner. I was expecting the label to say 3 minutes maybe 5 and 15 for a deep conditioning experience. You know the norm.

I decided to do a mini investigation. My biggest reservation about leaving a conditioner (that is not specifically used as a leave in) was the possiblity of it drying my hair out. So the first thing I looked into was what type of alcohol was being used.

I discovered that they use Benzyl alcohol. Benzyl is a common preservative in cosmetic products. When Benzyl, if used in moderation is one of the more friendly alcohols. I was more then okay with that being in the ingredients so I went for it. If for no other reason then to come back and tell you guys all about it.

You would think that I would have ended my investigation after making the decision to keep the conditioner in my hair (after sealing it with some of my DIY butter) but I didn’t. So  if you didn’t know love beauty and planet also has a leave in. So with a few clicks I was able to compare the ingredients of my conditioner to the newArgon oil and lavender leave in on line.

Turns out the ingredients are just about the same. I mean of course there were the obvious differences because they were well different fragrances. Besides the perfumes and natural scents used there wasn’t really anything left out.

For me that was a thumbs up. I like Love beauty and planet and even more so now that I don’t have to feel bad for leaving in my Coconut milk and white jasmine conditioner. Oh and just a side note all of there conditioners do not have leave in as an option so keep checking those labels.

I hope that if nothing else this post inspired you to read your labels and be open to learning. Next week I’ll be doing a review on Hairzing combs  so keep your eyes out for my upcoming product review.  Im low key super excited to share my thoughts with all of you. Until next time! Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!