HAIRZING Combs its a Hair Thang

Hey Afro frenzies, welcome back! Last week I told you all that I would be doing a review  on Hairzing combs and that’s exactly what Im going to do. I was gifted three combs the Double Cross in dark blue, the Austin Decorative wide wire comb for thick hair in black and the Cord and bead banana clip for textured hair in copper. Today Im doing a tell all on my week long play date with my new combs.

What drew me to theHairzing combs  prior to being gifted them was that they were geared towards thick and curly hair. I looked at the reviews of this product and I was pleasantly surprised to see women with all types of hair successfully using the combs.Thats a big deal!

I was impressed by the women in locks who were able to use hairzing combsto achieve beautiful styles. I even saw women with hair that looked like mine that did  dope  puffs with Hairzings combs.

I checked out their website and they had tutorials that featured again different hair textures. There were combs specifically made for textured, thick and curly hair. Hairzing seemed to be a product that had women like me in mind.

When I received the combs I was excited from the gate! This was a product that I had been researching prior to ever using. I have went as far as to recommending it on this blog last year. If I’m honest, I was geeked up from the packaging alone.

Each comb came with individual packaging and step by step instructions on how to use them. They even have pictures accompanying them and if you needed further direction the website information for how to videos and their customer service information was there as well.

So about last week, I was rocking an old wash and go. I low key did this on purpose. I wanted to use the combs when my hair was in its most natural state.  With each comb I did a completely different style. What I love is that the combs are versatile. You can  get creative and some of my looks were just that.

The easiest to install was the  banana clip. I put the banana clip in  seconds maybe 2 minutes at the most. With hair pins trying to get a mohawk look can be a bit of a hassle.

With out banan clips, Mohawks require you to put the pins in just right. With the clip I just put the clip around my hair and fastened it around the front.


Im not gonna lie. I love the mohawk look wit hair pins. I added a pump in to order to get a bit of the look you get with the pins. Leaving a bit of hair out side of the clip in the front could also capture a similar feel.

The best part was not having to struggle to take out my hair pins. I mean the hair pins can really take your hair out with hairzing that’s not a factor. The combs teeth are wide and they don’t snag on your hair. That part!



I was able to get a puff with the Austin decorative wide wire comb. I had an appointment and I was like lets throw something together.

My go to quick and easy look is a puff. I saw a video that showed a girl achieve a puff with one of the combs and I was like “lets do this”.

I was a little skeptical about it at first. I wondered if it would be snap in my hands. I wondered if it would be able to actually stretch around my hair. I was pleasantly surprised it really held my hair and stretched like it was suppose to.

I did have to remind myself  that hey Im making a puff with a comb and not a band. Once I got the hang of it, I was in business and I actually wore my hair in a puff with this comb more then once. It was super easy.

The last look I did was an updo with the  Double Cross in dark blue. I absolutely loved this look. The clip just made it look elegant and cute. It really dressed up my hair and gave it a pop of color.

I saw a lot of half up dos with this particular comb but it wasn’t really the most comfortable for me. I decided to switch things up and do an up do style instead. It worked out and as it  turns out this was my favorite look.

These combs really allow you to be creative and just have fun. They really were pretty easy to use. I was happy with the fact that I didn’t  snag my hair while using the combs. When I was learning how they worked I had very minimal hair shedding.

These pieces are both functional and stylish. I really do look for style just as much as functionality in a hair accessory, and hairzing nailed it! I plan on continuing to use these combs and aspire to do more reviews on them for you guys.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Please feel free to share your stories with Hairzing in the comments. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!


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