image_a7377ab1-5e8a-4f2c-8c4d-25260d5203d3.img_2635Hey Afro frenzies! If you haven’t already been told happy black history month!! Today’s post is all about grey hair. When I got my first grey hair it was anything but magical. I didn’t believe I must have become wiser. I didn’t look at it as a right of passage.

If Im transparent with y’all  the truth is I just felt old and not in a good way. I felt like my youth was being snatched from me. The truth is that finding a grey or white hair may be unexpected maybe even alarming but it’s not the end of the world.

You couldn’t have told me that my world wasn’t over at the time, but trust me it wasn’t. If your just finding your first grey/greys yours isn’t either. The average person doesn’t grey until their 30’s that my friend wasn’t my story.

I found my first grey on a sunny summer day. I was getting ready to go work out and decided to add some oil to my hair and pull it out my face. That’s when I saw it my very first grey hair. I was suprised at first I thought something was on my hair. I was in denial girl!

Listen I called my mom like you wouldn’t believe this lol. Of course she wasn’t suprised. Both my parents aged extremely well (in my humble opinion of course) but their tell sign was always their greys.

They too had grey hair early. So genetics play a role and some people grey even more prematurely like in their teens. Some people are born with white or grey patches of hair as a birth mark.

After I was done with the initial whoa is me I got curious. why do we grey and what is different about my newly found grey hair. The obvious difference is that its grey and not light or dark brown you know the color I had since BIRTH.

Well ladies and  gentleman in a nut shell your hair when it greys lacks melanin. Greying  usually happens over time as we age beginning in our 30’s. But like I said earlier genetics are a factor and you can be born with white or grey hair or even  grey prematurely. Now on to how to care for  grey hair.

The most important rule and don’t forget it! For the love everything with cocoa butter don’t pluck, tweeze or pull out those grey hairs. I know that it can be tempting but DONT DO IT! You can do some serious damage and Im sure you wouldnt want to suffer long lasting effects from a momentary mental relapse.

 Another incentive to not pull out those greys is that another one will just sprout back out from where you pulled it from. Pulling  out  your grey hair won’t make your hair follicle regain melanin. Chances are by the time you grow back your one little grey hair another one has also sprouted so it’ll feel like double trouble.

Truth bomb warning a fear of mine was how to care for my new grey strands. I heard horror stories of how grey hair seemed unmanageable compared to the rest of your hair. It really stuck with me.  I was always concerned like omg all of my grey hairs will be sticking out like a sore thumb wrong. 

The  truth about  grey hair is it  can grow in differently then your non grey hair. It’s a mix bag you could end up with a different curl pattern or texture. It’s possible  you don’t  even notice a difference between the two. Here is one thing I do know grey hair is said to be dryer and produce less moisture then your hair that isn’t grey so don’t forget to show your hair some love by keeping it moisturized as you transition to grey (which is a Loooooong…. process).

If you take nothing else from this post please leave with this grey hair or not your beautiful. Wether you choose to cover your grey hair or not you are the same you with or with out them. I am the same women I was before I found my first grey or my second (which believe it or not was way more dramatic I was pregnant a story for another time) and so are you.

Grey is trendy now and I for one have decided to let it rock. As time has went on I have made my peace and I find new grey strands here and there and it no longer feels like the world is ending. It now feels like a happy reminder that Im still in the land of the living enjoying forever developing into the strong women God has intended me to be. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!


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