Rose water for the win

b469a75ba8613b2b756e070cadbf85c5Hey Afro frenzies! Happy March to you all. I hope that you enjoyed your black history month. This week I want to share my most recent success with my home made butters. This time if you haven’t guessed already one of  the new addition to my recipe is rose water.

I’m gonna be honest with y’all I don’t really fool with rose water being left on my hair. But this last batch of butter I made was so tempting.  Let me paint y’all a picture I mean it smelled so good and it was frothy layered above the rim of its container. It melted and  soaked into your fingers as soon as you touched it. This was one mean batch of butter.

Full disclaimer  I originally made the  butter for someone else in my house but gurl like!!! I ended up stealing a little bit for my wash and go and I loved it!

I added in all the usual suspects African Shea butter coconut oil and all my favorite oils as well. The newest additions being rose water and collagen oil. This batch of butter came out absolutely creamy and rose water turned out to be the perfect alternative to an essential oil.

I love a good essential oil just to give my butters a light scent. I don’t wear perfumes with my little one around so this is my cheat. Rose water allows you to smell good while conditioning and hydrating your hair. These right here are  major points in my book.

Adding in collagen is just icing on the cake. Collagen is great for adding shine, volume, thickness, and length by way of preventing hair loss. Its perfect for people who struggle with damaged dry and brittle hair. We often hear about collagen paired with biotin and they are the power couple of hair oil but collagen on its own has great benefits. 

I can’t say that this wash and go was the most defined wash and go ever. What I  can say with out a doubt is it  was one of the most hydrated. My hair felt conditioned moisturized soft and it smelled good. All thanks to a butter with amazing ingredients packed with a little extra something, extra ordinary (That good good rose water and collagen). Let me know in the comments below if you want to know more about my latest ventures with homemade butters. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

P.S no naturals were left with out butter for their twist, locks or fros. 

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