Big Boy naps, kinks and curls

img_2791Hey Afro frenzies! Hey gurl, Hey! It’s been a minute since I talked about my baby boy so here we are. I try to keep it mad simple and just be as gentle as possible  with my little ones mane.

I don’t really get caught up with a lot of products for my son. I know you probably think that ya gurl probably went baby hair product crazy. Surprise! That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The only products that I use (pause for effect). Gurl Dove tip to toe sensitive body washfor babies. If I’m feeling real fancy Dove shampoo for babies.

After his hair is  washed I detangle with a wide tooth comb and rinse it out. I finish off by and adding in moisture with coconut oil (while its still at least damp).

Lately I have been styling his hair more and more. He has worn braids, coils, plaits and more recently I added two strand twist to his rotating collection of hairstyles.

last week I  did two strand twist with grape seed oiland it came out so bomb. His twist were so soft moisturized and fluffy I couldn’t even stand it!

My little man hair is definitely still changing. He’s really  coming into his kinks and coils and of course his curls. His curls are tight and just the cutest little curly top.

His texture is the reason for him rocking more styles than just his curly top. His hair is at the point were it actually can tangle and knot. Im sure you can imagine that the up keep of a curly fro on its own can require more up keep. But all is not lost his second and third day hair can be so adorable.

Although Im not using any products as of yet I may be open to trying some soon. His hair is beginning to need more refreshing than before so a good leave in  and or rinse out  conditioner could be beneficial.

Sealing his hair with my home made shea buttes is also an option. I’ll keep y’all posted. The most important thing that I learned is just as beneficial as the  hairstyles are to keeping his hair from tangling, so are breaks. Just lettings his hair breathe from time to time is so important.

Styling a little ones hair means forever evolving your approach to doing it. As soon as you think you know what’s next they switch up on you. Its been amazing to watch and Im sure its a joy of every mom to watch their babies come into their own (even if we are  just talking about their hair). Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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