Why the pineapple is my go to hairstyle



Hey y’all! Welcome back to the blog. I believe every women has their go to hair style. It’s that style that doesn’t fail you. No matter what it’s right their if you need it and it’s effortless.

Im sure if you think for a moment you could think of a few go to hairstyles. but this time I’m talking about that one the one that’s at the top of your list. You instinctively go to it when your hair is just blah.

For me that hair style is the pineapple/high puff. I love a good pineapple. It probably makes it even easier for me that that’s the way I put my hair up at night.

I put my hair in a pineapple then my bonnet or scarf as my nightly routine. My hair is trained for this style. I have gathered it up and piled it up top my head too many times than I can count.

 It just works for me. If I’m in the house doing a quick run it easy. Switching from an in door pineapple to a bam I’m here type situation doesn’t take anytime at all. In less than five minutes you could be out the door.

On those days that my hair is not cooperating. I mean that one section just didn’t get the memo it’s frizzy or didn’t set right well in the guise of a high puff it can work. Nobody even has to know. 

I love that my hair doesn’t have to be picture perfect for my puff to be. I can spritz it with some water add some oil. Go in on the edges and sides and I gotta look. You can play it up or down and it’s gentle enough that you can wear it out the next day if you so choose.

The high puff/pineapple is my go to in a pinch. I’m sure you all have yours. Let me know what yours are In the comments I would love to know. I hope that this post helped you not to feel so alone in your natural hair journey. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!


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