How I maximized on moisture while protective styling


Hey y’all, welcome back! I told yall I took my own advice and dove right into protective styling with my go to two strand twist. I have been rocking my twist for the past few weeks and its been a much needed break but that doesn’t mean that hair care stopped completely.

I already shared in my post “A bomb spray bottle” that I used the spray bottle through out the week. Well it wasn’t just for that week. I used it the entire time my hair was in twist spraying down my hair and scalp a few times a week.

Im not gonna hold you I went ham with it when I did use it. I sprayed my hair my scalp and doubled back for my ends and my problem areas. After spraying my hair down  I would just carry on with cooking, dishes, cleaning, and running after the little one.

Once my hair was no longer dripping wet  I would get my handy dandy squeeze bottle and fill it with some oils. This week my oils of choice were grape seed oil ( lots of it), vitamin e oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond and olive oil. I love a good oil mix like seriously and I would apply it to my scalp and run the remainder down the length of my hair again just paying close attention to my ends.

Combining my spray bottle which was jam packed with loads of moisturizing ingredients with my oil mix really just kept my hair soft my scalp on point. I am always sure to pack my hair with hydration and moisture before styling but, it really needs  to be mantained through out the time its being protected as well.

Two strand twist are really the perfect style to go ham with your spray bottle (when you need to). I would not recommend saturating your hair with your favorite spray bottle recipe for like braids or more intricate styles but, a light mist aint never hurt nobody.

I just wanted to share with you all how I  maximized on moisture while protective styling. I took out my twist this week and I honestly can’t even keep my hands out of my hair its so soft. If you’re looking for an easy DIY spray bottle recipe check out my post “A bomb spray bottle” and for more of my oil mixing ideas you can go back and take a look  at “food for scalp“. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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