when in doubt have a time out #toddlerhairstyles #toddlerplayanddoinghairdontevenmix

Hey gurl, hey! I hope that you are beginning your week with an amazing attitude prepared to take on whatever this week throws at you (even if its a random toy that your toddler threw at you). Heads up everyone this blog post is about styling a toddlers hair.

Ugh  have I  shared with y’all that I hate calling my little one a toddler. His name is baby okay! Im not ready for this new stage but ready or not here he is hitting every milestone and then some.

I can’t even… they grow up so fast I just brought him home from the hospital and now here I am braiding his hair omg.

I can’t be by myself on this one. But baby let me tell you! I thought I was fitting to do my thing and do my son hair. Guess what he had other plans.

Today doing his hair to him apparently meant that the brush, comb, and spray bottle were his new  favorite toys. He also thought it was tumble/ mommy human jungle gym time.

I know I have done blog post about how I entertain my son while doing his hair. I talked about keeping him occupied with toys, games, and his favorite show. That boy loves his shows and what little one doesn’t.

Today we were not watching his favorite show. The truth is we were live streaming church. I know probably shouldn’t have been trying to do hair during the sermon but, it was time those braids had to go.

I started on a style and he just wasn’t into it. I was able to take out all of his braids comb and moistures his hair. By the time I got to the styling he was literally flipping back and forth and apparently working on his head stand game. I was beat and guess what ya girl gets tired.

The amount of energy I was exerting  getting him right side up and in a sitting position was wearing this momma out. So I took a break. Not for him but for me. I knew I could come back to it.

I simply put his hair in plats until I am ready. I gave taking a time out a whole new meaning and Im okay with that. I would not view today as failure to do his hair just a pause.

Sometimes as moms we have to do what we can and save the rest for another time. Not over doing it sometimes is hard you want to get everything thing done. You feel like you can’t even sit down until everything on your list for the day is completed.

We believe we have to take on The dishes the floors the kitchen the bathroom the cooking the cleaning. Sometimes we can forget to give ourselves a little grace. Today I didn’t forget.

It wasn’t a lavish getaway to some island ( not that Im running off to any island I adore each day with this little one) but I gave myself  a break that  I needed to get through the rest of the day. When ever I get stuck on something or are no longer feeling productive I take a break regroup.

I revisit what ever Im stuck on later no harm done. I hope this has been  helpful for you and yours. Love on your little ones for me. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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