Mother’s Day weekend was lit and then some


Hey y’all. Happy belated mothers day to all the mothers out there. This was actually my second mothers day so far. Im just feeling extremely blessed to be able to be a mom and what a ride it has been. Mother hood is in fact my favorite hood that I have lived in thus far. So let’s talk about mothers day weekend.

I can’t even express to yall how happy I am to be sharing the joy of motherhood and everything that it entails for a second time along with every mother around the world this year. Im still celebrating the fact that I made it and Im here for yet another mothers day. I didn’t do anything special I didn’t do anything really out of the ordinary.

But here is one thing I do know. Sometimes the ordinary is really extraordinary. We forget how amazing what we call every day life really is. I didn’t have the easiest pregnancy and I didn’t have the easiest birth.  I tried to be brave for my family and my son but it was hard.

I suffered from precalmpsia and polyhydramnios during my pregnancy. After my pregnancy I suffered more then I could have ever imagined. Apart of which resulted in me staying in the hospital for almost two weeks after delivery only to be readmitted two days after being home and needing ECMO for three days. I had to figure out how to walk and move again and I did so with out the months of physical therapy that I needed because I just wanted to be home with my son.

It has been a hard road but a road that I would walk a thousands times if it meant that on May 10, 2020 I would wake up next to my baby nestled beside me. It is my pleasure to  spend my days running after him wiping his sticky fingers (why are babies/toddlers fingers always sticky) cooking and cleaning for my family and a house full of the laughter of  a healthy living breathing son. And let us not forget breastfeeding him too.

I am not ashamed either I know its such a topic, but if you had to be pumped while unconscious wake up and pump and dump off of ECMO and then be told every step of the way you couldn’t do it and your body might not be able to and then have the nerve to keep going baby you be nursing too. My God!

My God is a great keeper a healer and a restorer. I am here on this side of heaven that’s a big deal. Every breath I take with my own lungs and not ten machines is a good day. everyday I am able to take care of my son on my own with out needing a spotter to make sure I don’t fall over while changing his diaper that too is a good day.

Everyday that I walk down my steps holding my big old toddler and he aint  light no more yall. Im telling you… to be able to catch him in my arms for a tickle and  soak in his laughs and squeals is a good day. Because of Gods grace I am alive and my son is alive and well.  Happy mothers day to every mother and a special happy mothers day to all the mothers and sons of mothers who taught them how to call on God and prayed for me and my family thank you.  God did a miracle me and my son Eden are walking living breathing testimonies of Gods love towards us.

Hold on wait stop pause. Now that I shared my testimony lets talk about that battle.  Did yall see Jill Scott honey! Did yall see Erykah Badu! Like if you missed their battle you missed out on something good. It was such a vibe these ladies acted just like they should have as ladies. I remembered seeing the ads come out for their battle and thinking Im gonna watch but.. I aint really about putting women against each other especially black women. You know Im all about sisterhood but they didnt disappoint me at all. Oh and then Badu had a whole after party and launched her own streaming situation like what a weekend.

Just incase you were wondering  yall I finally got my sons hair done from last week child. I settled on some individuals and of course as per usual I used his butter for styling and of course natures detangling spray, water. I tried to do his hair while he was awake he wasn’t with it this week either. So honey I do what we do and I did it during his nap. I really feel like that’s  an easy way to avoid the fall out.

My son is always on the go so if you struggle to keep your little one still don’t be afraid to do a little hair styling during nap time. It works out nicely just remember to be gentle and it avoids all the fuss. Because what I wasn’t gonna have to  do is keep turning his head cuz guess what he was sleep. Easy simple fix and less taxing on us moms. Next week come on back and Im going to share a new shea butter recipe with you all that Im using on my sons hair and body. It has been doing wanders for his eczema related skin conditions. Check me out right here next week and I’ll give you all the details then.  Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!





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