New shea butter ingredient alert!!!


Hey everybody!!! Whats up y’all! I hope that yall are starting this week off right. Im speaking peace blessings to you this good monday.

Last week I told you guys that I was going to share the details of the new shea butter that I have been using on my son and how I make it. So as promised today Im sharing all about the newly formulated shea butter that I have made and been using on my son.

My son suffers from a few skin conditions all of which are eczema related. I didn’t start off using my home made shea butters but once I started I haven’t looked back.

I have used my home made butters on his hair scalp and skin and so far so good. Over time of just being consistent with it I definitely saw signs of improvement.

Full disclaimer it hasn’t prevented the flare ups but it has helped to sooth him and assist in healing his skin (after and during a flare up).

I have used my lavender, mint, and  eucalyptus on his skin so far but this time I tried something different. I really don’t know how I have gone this long with out including it in his butter. Like I could literally smack myself for this one.

Gurl! I added oatmeal into his butter. Total game changer. Okay so how I did it was I infused it into the coconut oil. I got the idea online I mean where does anyone.

I was just looking into  shea butter ingredients that people use to sooth skin conditions and I stumbled upon this. A women infused regular oats with her coconut oil drained the coconut oil and continued to make her shea butter as usual I mean how ingenious is that.

If its infused you don’t have to worry about molding. You get all of the benefits with out the hassle. Im all about naturally preserving my products. So this time I made lavender, mint, oatmeal infused shea butter of course with all of my other usual oils. Y’all know how I do grape seed oil, vitamin e, olive oil etc you know the good stuff.

Im not gonna hold you Im no expert at this as of yet this was my first time but I have been happy with the results. It has been put to the test over and over again. The latest was a flare up my son had on his arm and I have noticed improvement pretty quickly. I mean as soon as I started to use the butter.

There are different ways that you can go about infusing oats in to your shea butter. I have heard of people doing with a double boiler, I have even heard of people filling up jars of coconut oil and adding  dry oatmeal to sit in the sun for several days before removing the oats.

I thought all of these were great ideas but I settled on just putting my coconut oil on low and letting the oats cook in. This is not a fast process like I let it sit for some time before draining and continuing the process.

I”ll keep you guys posted on how I do it next time.  What I will say is that you can just blend oatmeal into a fine powder and just add it in the bottom line is that oatmeal is a game changer.

Oatmeal is so good for treated skin in need. It was such an obvious addition to make. It couldn’t have been more obvious if it had been smacked over the back of my head.

Sometimes the ingredient that would make the biggest difference is the most obvious choice. I have been using this batch of shea butter on the boy for a couple of weeks now and I love it.

I have seen others and even used oatmeal on my skin and hair sometimes grounding up oat meal or just adding it to my condition to battle my drop scalp.

Listen if yall would have seen my parents face when I did that they were over me. Im telling you!!  Those memes about pissed parents after a natural uses rice or any other food in their hair are really real.

I hope that you have enjoyed my shea butter adventures with finding new ingredients to sooth and heal eczema. Now that were speaking of adventures check out liann’s unbelievable  adventures   on and Spotify you won’t be disappointed. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!


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