Epic natural hair fail!

Hey yall wasp. I hope you all are well. Staying safe and finding creative ways to still make the most of this summer. Todays post is literally going to be me sharing yet another story time with you about a very silly thing I did that was far from the best thing  I have ever done with my hair.

So it s prom night. I had a great time I showed up with one of my dear friends Toni shout out to you girl. It was our junior prom and It was all fun and smiles and dancing with good friends. Also side note one of my favorite parts about prom or any big dance you go on is getting all your family together to see you off. Like for me that’s the real party I remember almost not wanting to leave lol.

I know if I was the weirdest teenager or what but that’s how I felt. My family would come in from all over and take time off from their jobs just to see me off and I appreciated them for it. My junior prom send off was so much fun family good music dancing I laughed most of the time.

But yall let me tell you when I got back gurl I was tired. I hunted all over for a scarf or bonnet and I couldn’t find one any where. In my defense before I tell you what I did when Im tired I can barely function like its like I might as well be high or something its bad I get delirious. Or I use to you know before I became a mom and now always operate a bit tired.

So yall I was in the bathroom searching and you know what I thought hmm that shower cap is looking pretty good I mean aint it like the same shape as a bonnet. It’ll be totally fine yup Im going for it. when I woke up I was like wow what an idiot. I mean of course that was a recipe for disaster.  The humidity just wow.

I ended up having to curl my hair. The plus side is the hair salon I went to was bomb and my hair was so easy to manage. They had conditioned the mess out of my hair so I didnt wake up to a complete afro just needed to touch it up. I had some Red Cross work to do in the morning and thankfully I made it on time. But guess who never looked at shower caps the same this girl.

From then on Im a scarf or bonnet under my shower cap kind of girl unless Im looking to get my hair to suck in some moisture from the steam of the shower. What can I say I was young and exhausted. But I know so much better now. Hopefully this post made you laugh and think back to the silly things you done in your past that you would never do today. Feel free to comment  some of your epic fails. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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