I wasn’t always about that Bonnet life #storytime


Hey Afro frenzies welcome back to the blog. Its been a minute but I am  happy to be back sharing content with all of you. This post is my origin story well my origin story into being all about that bonnet life.

The truth is there was a point in my life that I had no experience with a Bonnet. I went through child hood and most of my teenage years not ever wearing or owning one.

It wasn’t until I was handed one at a family sleepover/bridal party camp out at my aunts for my older cousins wedding that I was introduced.

I remember not even knowing what I was being handed. I literally asked my cousin how to use it. I was  absolutely clueless. I had gotten my hair done earlier that day in preparation to the wedding.

I thought that I would have to sleep cute. Like real cute! For all of you who don’t know what sleeping cute is its sleeping with your hands underneath your head or not but your head is up it never touches the pillow or the bed in an effort to preserve your hair.

When I was told that I could just pop it on and go on to sleep I was skeptical. I slept carefully I wasn’t really sure about it at all. But.. the next morning I got up put on my junior bride maids dress and went about my way.

It was the perfect solution. After that the rest is history. I didn’t formerly own a Bonet  for some time after but this is the first time I used one.

At the wedding we all wanted to make sure we looked nice for the pictures so we avoided the fans in the church like the plague. turns out our hair held up and we all had a good time.

I love that when I look back on that time period Im able to remember all the sister hood and how good it felt to be there for someone else.

My best friend just got married this past weekend and the feeling doesn’t change to be there in support of another no matter what it is is an amazing feeling. I wanted todays post to be light and entertaining an escape from the problems of today.

The fight for justice isn’t over remember that all that can be done is important. Signing petitions, voting, emailing lawmakers,  educating yourself, marching they all count. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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