I cheated on coconut oil🤫

img_0004Hey girl hey! welcome back to the mother flipping blog. I sure hope that this week treats you real good. Like come on in here and don’t start no stuff type of week. It has been rough but we here.

I gotta a secret. So let me tell y’all all about how it happened. So what had happened was I got to thinking. I didnt think it would hurt nobody so I went head and cheated on that good good coconut oil. Its just between us two okay.

So yall know how I have been turned on to the making spray bottles. So far so good by the way. It definitely adds in a bit more moisture. it also gives my shea butter a little something something more to lock in.

Okay back to the story at hand. Im just gonna come on out with it I swapped coconut oil for grape seed oil in my spray bottle. Its not that I don’t do a mixture of oils but I usually put in an ample amount of coconut oil like its the first ingredient in my bottle. Then I add in my leave in and a little bit of whatever I want it to be infused with.

Not this time this time it was a simple mix I added in grape seed oil my conditioner and filled the rest with water. Very simple and guess what I lived.

I started thinking about how the spray bottle is essentially the loc method in a bottle and well grape seed oil is a sealant.  so I figured why not see what happens. Well before today it wasn’t so bad at all now I’m sitting up here looking crazy but before it was pretty on point.

Im not saying Im giving up coconut oil because Im so not.  I still use it in my butters and I have un opened bottles just waiting to be used in my house as we speak but I was curious. Honestly with out curiosity there would be so much undiscovered.

Coconut oil serves as  a moisturizer and a sealant cool right ( in its purest form) so it is  so much we can use it for. Im sure I will continue to use it but switching up is cool too. If Im ever in a pinch I won’t be afraid to step out of the box. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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