How I learned the hard way that dyed hair requires work!

Welcome back to the blog! This post is yet again another story time and I think that you’ll enjoy it. Im taking yall back to my first year of college omg.  I came back home this particular time and I had made some minor changes. Yall be the judge though.

When I went away to college, I had never really did anything to my hair drastic. I also didn’t have any tattoos or piercings so safe to say my dad didnt have any heart attacks from shock of something I had done to myself.

But…. I wanted to switch things up so while away I let my friend at the time dye my hair. She gave me blond highlights. Nothing to major, but then on my birhday my sister/friend Brittany  gave me a fish. But.. Then she also suprised me with a professional piercer who pierced my nose right in her house (where I spent most weekends my first semester).

It was perfect and safe and the best present. However, I conveniently didnt tell anyone of these (very subtle) changes before coming home. I ended up having my cousin come get me from the bus stop.

He didnt make a fuss at all but when he dropped me off  at my aunties everyone was there. When I say everyone I mean everyone! Okay, cool I get to see everyone at once at least that’s what I was thinking.

I was so excited I forgot to be nervous about my new look. I had been talking about getting my nose pierced with my aunt so she knew but I didnt tell anyone I went through with it.

Let me tell you about my family they were watching a movie with the lights out. Well somebody not saying any names noticed that something was twinkling in the dark on my nose and proceeded to turn the light on and that’s when they saw my hair.

Oh what a shock that was for them. They practically stripped searched me for more changes. Im telling yall I heard somebody yell make sure she aint got no tattoos. I couldn’t help but laugh like they crack me up.

And for those wondering no they didnt find anything else. But in short I was still really happy to be home and they were excited to see me. I love them all and I still crack up thinking back on the memory.

I also remember learning the hard way that dyed hair requires a certain type of maintenance (There is a reason why shampoo and conditioners mention for colored hair).I sure enough got a crash course in caring for dyed hair after that. I continued to dye my hair.

Not to mention ya girl fried her hair right after dying it. I blow dried my hair way too hard and then straightened it. Yes I know not my proudest moment. But I was cute. One of my friends roommates was like yo ya friend in their frying her hair and I so was smh. You could see smoke if that’s not a bad sign idk what is.

I died my hair all different colors after that like different shades of red and once I died my hair honey blond and light brown. By the end it looked like sun shine and I loved it. But today I am no where close to as adventurous. It didnt hurt that I spent my summer working at a hair salon.

My early twenties were the days I would do everything but perm or relax my hair. Now I have things like length and thickness goals and a different idea of what’s healthy.

Im now looking for ways to avoid damage so Idk if I’ll ever dye again. I must admitt there is something about dying your hair and just switching up your look its like a new energy. when a woman changes her hair look out!Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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