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I don’t know if y’all been watching her instagram but she been telling us to get our a$&es out and vote for how long. A long behind time. She done said it sang had other note worthy singers sing along with her.

Listen…. I wasn’t even ready for what she posted just a few days ago. I mean she had no other than the legendary Viola Davis with her. The two were giving face and hair! Lets pause here I am a sucker for big natural hair and these two Both were rocking their fros and had flawless makeup. It’s all of it for me they get nothing but props just for that.

I mean come on Viola Davis is an amazing actress and artist. I fell even more in love with her work when she took that wig and make up off. Oh and then went ahead and told the world she wasn’t putting it back on. I just ate up every moment of that. Any who back to video. I just had to let y’all know.

At the end of the video they got serious and encouraged everyone to vote. “Make those people who walked on the frontlines in the 60’s proud of you. Mandella proud of you” said Jenifer Lewis. “Thats a whole power you have that’s in that vote” Viola Davis. I mean that made it plain.

Im sure we could come up with a whole lot of reasons why not to but now is the time to come up with a reason to vote. I get it a lot of people feel like the options aren’t what they would have wanted. Well that could have been fixed with voting as well.

Every time you have a chance to vote (even if we are not voting for our November primary for presidency) it is an opportunity to bring about change. It is an opportunity to let your voice be heard.

Sitting in our homes and complaining about problems is no longer enough it doesn’t effect change but voting can. Don’t let your voice go unheard. Just as Jenifer Lewis mentioned people marched bleed and got beat so that everyone would have an opportunity to vote. There is a reason why they fought for this marched for this were imprisoned bleed beat and hosed for this.

There is power in exercising our right to vote. I understand if your discouraged. In these times it would be hard not to be, but there is something we can do to make it better and that’s vote. Come November don’t sit home and complain or not vote because you don’t agree whole heartedly with every action a candidate in your party has done in the past.

We need to be thinking about the future!!! Do we want a president in the office that will ignore a pandemic? Do we want a president who wants to suppress the voices of the people by attempting to interfere with the very election you plan on sitting out? Whether you do or don’t no one will know if you don’t speak up. Register to vote and if you can sign up for a mail in ballot you don’t even have to go in. You can vote from the comfort of your home.

I personally am excited about what’s going on if nothing else its a big deal that we have the first black and Indian women on the ticket to be the Vice President. Hillary Clinton talked a lot about breaking the glass ceiling as the democratic nominee and here we are making progress.

I would love for our candidates, senators, mayors, congressman and women to be just as diverse as America is. We are known as a melting pot and the people who are involved in making and enforcing laws should reflect the people.

I love that Kamala Harris is the daughter of two immigrants, because America is a land of immigrants. I know that there is already a birther rumor going around and guess what I don’t even care. But what I do care about is diversity in politics.

No matter your stance you just can’t deny that she’s making history. I mean the daughter of a Jamaican and Indian immigrant is now running for the position of vice presidency. Thats a big deal! For none other then representation and representation matters!

Even if she doesn’t win now people who associate themselves with her background will feel impowered. They will know its a possibility. They will know because they have seen it with their own eyes.

It opens up the door to what a little girl or boy will decide to be. What they believe they can achieve. Thats pretty powerful. Some Indian or black or even just a girl is dreaming of becoming a vice president or President because they have seen it be attempted before.

I mean this was the first time I saw an asian male run as a potential president nominee. Andrew Yang was not selected to be the democratic nominee but that was a big deal for me I mean how often have we seen that. It’s 2020 and I can’t wait to see more qualified individuals from every race represented.

I know that today’s post was heavy on the politics and light on the hair but we have work to do. I promise next week will be all about the hair. Don’t forget to register to vote and show up this up coming November. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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