Hello old friend or should I say flaxseed gel

Box braids with flaxseed gel

Hey y’all. It’s been a minute like a whole minute. But here I am back with some very much needed hair talk. So believe it or not I took such a break from using flaxseed gel that now that I’m using it again it’s like being with an old friend.

I decided to start using flaxseed gel again at the tail end of the summer. I rocked out with my spray bottle of concoctions and my flaxseed gel.

I have been really into braids and cornrows so I have been briaiding or corn rowing my hair for a couple of weeks at time with braid outs in between hairstyles.

Since it hasn’t gotten too chilly (consistency anyway) I was able to get away with just gel which gave me a break from making my beloved butters. I’ts been a lot of fun getting back in to it.

The first batch of gel I made was lavender and of course some of my favorite oils like sweet almond and jajoba. The batch I’m on now was infused with rose water and collagen which is one of my fav things to put in my butters and gels.

It’s surprising how hydrating flaxseed gel is especially when using oils that go hard on moisture. Flaxseed gel in its self is pretty dope. I mean its packed with omega 3 antioxidants and protein can’t loose there.

It promotes length and strength the oils even good for your scalp. If you haven’t started using it or are like me and has taken a break get back on the horse adding it to your hair regiment couldn’t hurt. Let me know in the comments of some of your favorite flaxseed gel recipes.Until next time Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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