A Naturals Thanksgiving

The end result of a washday gone right

Hey y’all what’s up everyone! So much has happened since we last spoke. Thanks giving and the beginning of December my goodness. Happy post thanksgiving left over week/ finally exceptable to put your Christmas tree and lights up 😂.

Listen this past thanksgiving looked a lot different then usual. In true naturalists fashion ya gurl was cooking and deep conditioning at the same ham time.

In between cooking collard greens(with smoked turkey and chicken stock) and slow cooking a brown sugar and pineapple ham (that was practically candy) ya girl decided to have wash day right in the middle of a cooking frenzy.

I pre- pooed with grape seed oil while the noodles boiled for Mac and cheese. I prepared the Mac and cheese to be baked while letting my oils soak in.

While the Mac and cheese baked I shampooed my hair and put conditioner in my hair. Then went on to cut up potatoes and celery and carrots to add to the stuffing to put in and around the turkey. I cooked the turkey and based the turkey all while letting my hair soak in some good old Tresme conditioner.

If I’m real honest while on zoom with family I was still deep conditioning. I literally tore off my head wrap when it was time to eat cuz I need my little cap to breathe lol. Thank goodness the baby and the guy are use to my usual antics. I tried to hold it together but enough was enough.

The next day when everything settle I cornrowed my hair and the rest is history. I’m thankful for so much this year one is family that will play hangman, tic tac toe, and guess what I just drew.

I’m also thankful for all the help I got with thanksgiving dinner from store runs to literally putting out fires. Oh and I’m sure enough thankful for a full head of hair edges that grow back shea butter and the one that’s really running the show over here my two year old toddler.

I can’t tell y’all what Christmas will be like but I’m sure hoping my hair is done before I start wrapping gifts and cooking Christmas dinner. I know that thanks giving is not happy occasion for us all so I shared a links below. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!


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