Twas the night before a twaid out

Texture shot with that ring light!!!

Hey gurl, hey! Wassup Afro frenzies! Happy happy New year to you!!! Its been one heck of a year. so here I am walking in to the new year with yet another way to set my hair. Im always looking for a new way to style my hair and this time the Twaid out was it.

So, here’s the deal if you have never heard of the twaid out don’t trip neither had I until I did. A twaid out is just what it says it is a combination of a braid and twist out.

Hence the name they just joined the words twist and braid together. You take your hair like your going to do a braid out but then you switch the game up on em and finish off with a twist out.

I personally decided to do less than half braided. I started out braiding and about 1/3 of the way switched over to twist. Honestly just make it your own. I was all up and arms about it at first.

Ya Gurl was skeptical

Well…. that was until I realized technically I have done a Twaid out before. When ever I do twist for protective styling I start off with a braid at the root. By braiding first it gives and keeps a neater look longer.

Of course with this technique Im only doing the root, but if you’re looking for hacks on how to keep your twist longer that one was for free.

Once I looked at it that way I was able to relax a bit. I was going for a minute. Ya gurl had questions. I was worried that taking them down would be such a hassle.

I thought my hair would tangle. I thought when I switched from taking down a twist to a braid it would be problematic. I thought I would end up with one big tangled mess. Just knots everywhere.

The girl in the video that I watched made it look super easy, but we all know that just because it turns out great in the video doesn’t mean its going to turn out good for you.

I mean we probably could buy a small continent if we got money for every time a natural failed at a hairstyle from youtube.Thank goodness this was not the case.

Twaid out in the making

I did about 8 or nine twaids in my hair three on each side and a few down the middle. I mean don’t we all just hate the dreaded part down the middle of the back of our heads on any set. Ugh its so annoying…so of course I try to avoid it.

Im just gonna come out and say it I was kinda feeling my set. I may or may not have worn it out with a head wrap over the front and let them hang in a zoom meeting you know maybe…

Skepticism out the window

When I took them down I was feeling the results. I will say that you do have to pay attention for the transition from twist to braid just to keep the frizz at bay but the disaster that I was waiting to hit never came.

I struggled with my middle ones but I can’t really be mad the middle of my hair is coarser then the rest and just requires more patience ( I ain’t got a lot).

The view from the back.
Frontal view and a smile.

I thought it came out cute and I may or may not be on my second set of it. If I’m wearing a set back to back I think that means I like it. With time it’ll get better.

Huge fan of the twist out

I use to be a huge twist out queen! I mean every time you seen me I was rocking out with a twist out. I was supper hype when the three strand twist became a thing.

I wanted versatility but for it to still be a twist out you feel me. So this too (the twaid out) gives range. I loved how I got the sleek root look from a braid out but the fluff and body of a twist out.

I enjoyed trying something new with an old school feel. If you’ve tried a twaid out let me know in the comments. If you haven’t try it and get back to us.

Wishing you a natural Happy New Year with full grown edges, and more hair on your head and less on the floor. From my fro to yours happy 2021! Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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