Inaguration, unity,sisterhood, herstory, and Hair

Photo Joe: Raedle/Getty Images

Hey, welcome back to the blog. My goodness what a week America has had. I mean no matter what party you affiliate with I gotta say it was nice to turn on the news and see Americans celebrating unity instead of Idk showing the death count from the virus, or some other nonsense that could have only happened in 2020. So go on get ya self some tea and get comfy ya gurl got a lot to say!

The inauguration had so many memorable moments. Im just gonna share a few of my favorite moments. I mean there were a few. When President Joe Biden came out and gave President Obama a pound I was here for it. But can I tell you the moment ya gurl was completely fan girling out was when Madame Vice President Kamala Harris greeted the Obama’s.

Memorable moments

I mean that right there made my day. When I tell you I was screaming I was legit screaming. If your lost in why my heart was melting let me break it down. The first black president and his amazing wife my forever First Lady Michelle Obama literally bust down a door that had never been open.

President Obama faced such opposition even by his own people who didn’t understand that he was the president of the United States of America and was responsible for the entirety of it. Now four years after they left office we get to witness not just a black person but the first black and Indian women daughter of immigrants become Madame Vice President.

If that aint sister hood on a whole other level. I think the best meme I saw was when it said watch your step ladies there is glass every where.former First Lady Hillary Clinton talked so much about the glass ceiling when she was running for president. Y’all listen after four years Harris came and shattered it.

And while we talking about it girlfriend! When First Lady Obama was giving Madame Vice President mad props you know when she was pointing at her. She said so much in that one gesture and Madame Vice President was here to receive all of it.Yes the split pic meme summed up that moment. I just love it! I ate that up.

She might not be president but Im certain that whoever our future women president and the next women Vice President will be standing on the shoulders of our Madame Vice President Kamala Harris who is standing on the shoulders of President Obama and his First Lady Michelle Obama (the most educated First Lady ever you here me!!!).

A Presidential Speech

Oh and I aint forget about President Joe, he was a breath of fresh air. He talked about unity and being president to all Americans. He highlighted the fact that we were celebrating democracy and the will of the people less then two weeks from the terrorist attack on the Capitol.

President Joe opened his speech by saying ” This is Americas day, this is democracies day”. Lets just take a moment to talk about the bravery of everyone that showed up to the inauguration so soon after a horrendous attack on the house.

The attendees could be seen tapping each other chests as a sign that they were wearing bullet proof vest. I mean most of them were present during the insurrection. These men and women almost lost their lives to terrorist who wanted to stop democracy. That right there will give you pause.

But lets get into our First Lady Jill Biden. Girlfriend is the first First Lady to continue to work outside of the White House. If you didn’t know First Lady Biden is an English professor at Northern Virginia community college and has been for quite some time. Oh and did I mention she was also a professor when President Joe Biden was Vice President as well. Women are showing out okay!

Speaking of women showing out did y’all catch Amanda Gorman! Yes baby girl was spitting! She made history as the youngest poet to speak at an inauguration. The 22 year old read her poem “The Hill we climb” inspired by the attack on January 6. Not only did Ms. Gorman impress the American people she also impressed President Obama! He tweeted @AmandaGorman delivered a poem that more than met the moment.

First Lady Michelle Obama hair was all of that

Photo credit:Rob Car/Getty Images

Now for the fun stuff yall. Listen yall already know this is a blog about hair. Im sure yall already know what Im getting at so Im just gonna come out and say it. First Lady Obama hair was laid!!! I was like yes hair!!! Come on sis!

I mean wasn’t a strand out of place. It had body and bounce and set in place at the same time. first of all can I just say that the Obama’s always show out.Yass hunny they be out here stunting on our momma’s for real. Like they are beyond smooth.

I mean they got drawings of them memes a remix of them walking out. In the words of Andre 3000 “what’s cooler then cool, ice cold.” Like she was giving us hair, face, and a bomb outfit like she did not come to play. She was not playing with any of us!!!!

When she strutted out with President Barrack I said is anybody seeing this hair though like child please. listen I was mesmerized and ya gurl aint straighted her hair since 2013. If I have ever been tempted this was that time.

Her hair stylist Yene Damtew did that. Did I mention that Damtew has been styling the Obama’s since the White House. She styled the daughters and their mother and mother in laws hair and has assisted in styling First Lady Michelle Obama’s hair prior to more recently becoming her full time stylist.

Oh and remember that essence cover when our First Lady Michelle rocked out with her natural hair for the first time yeah that was ya gurl Yene. Listen the stylist even expanded during a pandemic and of course after everyone saw that hair child she is booked and rightfully so. She did the darn thing and then some. People all around the world trynna get the Michelle Obama hair gurl!

Listen on that note we can all go home. I was so deeply satisfied to see such a pleasant and uplifting inauguration. There was no way I was gonna be able to talk about flotus hair with out talking about all the other amazing things that took place that day.

I mean ugh even Madame Vice President being sworn in by Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor the first Latina to be a Supreme Court justice in the United States. I mean talk about historic. I hope you enjoyed me geek out over the Inauguration and all the cool moments. Until next time, Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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