My hair in postpartum

what postpartum looked like for me and yes Iā€™m breastfeeding and darn happy about it just too tired to show it

Hey Afro frenzies! let me tell y’all I low key have been dreading talking about this lol. I can’t really put my finger on why but I have been. Im going to start off by clarifying ya gurl is no expert this is just an account on what I experienced postpartum.

Lets start with the fact that I didnt know I was pregnant until about 4 months in. I know I know I have an irregular period so it was definitely an interesting ride.

There were things that I didnt realize were happening at the time like the fact that when I was pregnant or any women for that matter hair doesn’t go through the normal shedding cycle that it would if they were not expecting.

Once I realized that was the case I was able to realize the difference. I definitely noticed more shedding in postpartum. It wasn’t to the point that I would call a doctor but it was definitely noticeable.

One of my saving graces was that I wore protective styling towards the end of my pregnancy until I was good and settled at home. Even then I did another protective style for another like two or so weeks before taking my hair down to wear my usual styles. My son was almost 2 months by then.

There was one particular time that I remembered a long bunch of my hair that just slid out of my head as I was detangling. I was scared I called my mom and sister and showed them it was scary but I survived and am still ball spot free.

I really tried to perserve my hair in this time. I continued my prenatals and gorged myself on water and did my best to eat fruit and vegetables. It seemed like my hair required more moisture so I just took heed to that. I also did my best to stay out of it.

I usually try to stay out of my hair but this was on another level I would set it and forget it lol. I wouldn’t take my hair down until it was time to run an errand or go to a doctors appointment.

I just let it be really and with a new little one in tote I didnt have the time to fret over it. Like no seriously I recommend this even when people are coming to visit you and baby just let them see your scarf or Bonet they will be fine. Wear a head wrap if you feel self conscious.

What could not go with out being noticed was if I wasn’t drinking enough water it was apparent in my hair. I could tell if I was drinking enough by how soft my hair felt and how it retained moisture. That might sound weird but for me it was true. I was also breastfeeding which Im sure played a role.

I mean breastfeeding takes a lot out of you! I had to be mindful of that which meant I had to care about what I was eating. Your body is already going through so much you can’t really afford not to watch what you eat.

Your body is recovering from giving another human life. That is no small accomplishment. So remember to be gentle with yourself. Try not to be hard on your body it is doing alot now. Instead of being critical be thankful for what your body has just been able to do.

Postpartum is hard your still having night sweats your exhausted and maybe even bruised in every way. The last thing you need to do is stress about one more thing . Hair can grow back that’s what jamacain black castor oil is for.

If you have to make your own growth serums and pour them on your scalp and massage it in do that. But don’t loose sleep over it. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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