picture: Tessica Brown’s tic tock account

Hey girl, hey! Happy black history month to ya! There has been one story that has captivated men and women alike. Tessica Brown went viral asking for help with her hair after gorilla glueing it in a desperate attempt to supplement her hair spray. Although her ordeal is a story in its self the real story begins when plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng stepped in.

Tessica Brown uploaded a video where she shared that she used gorilla glue in her hair. Her hair had been stuck in the hair style for a month with no relief. She washed her hair on camera and there was no denying that shampoo was not going to be enough.

Gorilla glue is an industrial adhesive made to bond materials such as plastic, vinyl, rubber, wood, metal, stone, and glass. Gorilla glue is also 100 percent waterproof. Basically it aint going no where! Gorilla glue got gorilla grip! It is with out a doubt not a game!

Im going to be honest the story was brought to my attention by my s.o and I watched it in disbelief. I was convinced that Brown was going to loose her hair and have permanent damage to her hair follicles. As the weeks past her videos documenting the ordeal didn’t seem hopeful. She enlisted friends and family to help her. They used house hold products to loosen the hair and at one point enough to cut off of her ponytail.

Brown has spent time in the ER and had been suffering from burning scalp and headaches. Dr.Obeng offered Brown a procedure that would take a few hours and would have cost 12,500 dollars free of charge. Dr. Obeng came up with a solution to break down the glue. Not only did the solution break down the gorilla glue in her hair it allowed her to keep the hair that she had left.

I just have to take a moment to talk about using products that are safe for you’re hair. Heres what I know it is so important to read labels. This if nothing else is a cautionary tell in how important it really is. You have to take the time to read what it is you are putting on your scalp and in your hair.

Before you try a new product read the ingredients take the time to do a little research. We youtube and Pinterest natural hair care and styles to death so take a moment and look at some reviews see if the product has any negative reviews. Make sure if you are like me and are allergic to stuff that the product you want to try doesn’t have anything that will jack you up out here.

If your not up for looking at labels one rule that will never fail if you can consume it safely its safe for your hair. Im gonna tell you the whole truth most of what I use in my hair can be found in the baking aisle. No seriously it keeps it safe and I know what’s going in my hair because I made it myself.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Dr. Obeng’s solution included a medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera and olive oil and a hint of acetone. After four hours Brown was able to literally run her fingers through her hair.

Dr. Obeng is a well respected plastic surgeon and a member of a few professional societies for doctors but he wasn’t always. Dr. Beng is a Ghana native who came to America with 200 dollars and worked numerous jobs to put himself through college. He graduated from Mid western University cum laude to be exact.But now look at him out here formulating solvents and performing procedures for free to those in need.

I think we all can be certain that Tessica Brown won’t ever forget his kindness. Tessica Brown plans on donating 20,000 of her go fund me earnings to a non profit Restore foundation ran by Dr. Obeng. The only thing that I can say is all is well that ends well.

In light of black history month I would like to take a moment to share a little bit about another great doctor. Dr.Charles Dewitt Watts. Dr. Watts was the first African American to be certified by a surgical specialty board in North Carolina. He also became the chief of surgery at Lincoln Hospital in 1950. Lincoln Hospital was one one of the few hospitals that granted surgical privileges to black people.

Dr. Watts was an activist and didn’t allow his title to stop him from fighting for change. He worked side by side with other leaders to integrate hospitals. In 1967 Durham regional hospital was built and brought an end to the way things once were. There are plenty of amazing doctors who not only were amazing at medicine and science but played crucial roles in taking on systemic racism in medical practice and care.

I hope that you enjoyed another black history month post by ya girl. I know that you all are sighing a sigh of relief for Tessica Brown and the end of a brutal journey. Until next time! Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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