A Happy hair accident

Just a pic of ya girl enjoying an unexpected braid out

Hey gurl, hey! Welcome back to the blog! If no one has told you lately happy black history month! What a month it has been. You may be wondering what a happy hair accident is well its when every thing works out for an amazing hair day when you are not even expecting it. If you are also wondering why you never heard of this term before its because ya gurl just made it up.

My happy hair accident happened one day when I was minding my business. Earlier in the week I did a simple protective style. Ugh I love simple styles, no like seriously! Minimum effort maximum style is it for me.

I put my hair in three braids one small French braid in the center of two braids on each side. I topped it off with some hair jewelry and went about my way. The happy accident happened a few days later (okay you twisted my arm a week) when I took my braids down.

Now listen a braid out wasn’t even on my rador. I mean for real let me tell you I couldn’t find my scarf so my braids got all frizzy. The next day I put some butter on the middle and tied it down to salvage the hairstyle and it worked but when it happened again gurl no.

I just happened to put some butter on my hands to make the take down process easier. My thought to myself was to just pull it up in to a high puff or bun depending on what I was working with. But…. when I took down the first braid half way I thought okay I can work with this.

I took my time unraveling the braids after I knew I had a style to preserve. I greased my scalp and added a little butter to my hair focusing on the ends.Lets just pause here for a quick second.

Gurl! The butter I made was just what I needed! This butter was made with lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil it felt a…ma..zing… on my scalp. Im telling you girl!

Once my hair was completely taken down and separated how I wanted I fluffed it out a little and it was done deal. Happy accidents are always nice but when they involve a good hair day now that’s a major win!

My tip if you’re looking for lots of happy hair accidents would be to moisturize well when styling and treat your hair gently. Handle your hair as if you are taken down a braid out or twist out. Treating your hair this way will help you to learn to be easier on your hair, loose less hair in the process, and potentially reveal your best hair day yet. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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