Coming 2 America Came to slay

Bands on bands (shout out to cousin Caneil for making the family feel like Zummundan’s

Hey girl, hey! What is up y’all! Listen I know that black history month is over but baby let me tell you what Im here for Black history year! Yes Im so here for celebrating black culture and black history and how we contribute and contributed to society!Black history is American history and we need to familiarize ourself with it like it is. So happy belated black history month, happy black history year and Oh happy women history month!

Gurl! so much has went down since we last spoke. Lean in let’s talk for a minute. First thing first did y’all see Coming 2 America! Im not gonna lie when I first heard it was gonna be a sequel I was like but is it gonna be good though.

Like that was my first thought aint gonna lie. I was like wait I don’t want to get too excited because if its trash baby I’m gonna feel some type of way.But they legit showed out like for real. I enjoyed it.

They included darn near the entire cast from the original ( we all know why the sister was a no show girl code violation.Oh and side note did y’all hold y’all breath waiting for Randy Watson to say sexual chocolate because I did lol. Thirty years later and he’s still out here letting his soul glow.

Y’all know this blog is about the hair so lets dive in. I loved that they had natural and protective styles alike. I mean every way you can wear your hair was displayed.

Listen Teyana Taylor as Bopoto Izzi is every black girls spirit animal in this film. Every single time you saw her she had a new hairstyle. She went from a fro to a pulled back do with braids to a low cut. I mean but ain’t that us though every time we get a style we’re thinking of what we want to do next. She was versatility in human form.

The eldest daughter Meeka rocked her faux locks like a pro. Fashioning the differently through out the film. Of course my personal favorite was when she sported Nubian nots. That hair style has a special place in my heart my mom styled my hair this way as a child and I continued the practice in to adult hood.

I can’t lie though the scene when she rocked a gold crown with chains across her face was a close second. A very close second but like a said Nubian nots that’s my jam right there. Bella Murphy as Omma Joffer came through looking Pinterest post ready. If I saw any of these styles on Pinterest I would have saved them for a future hairstyle. The hair accessories are legit what I wear on the regular.

Baby girl Akiley Love as Princess Tinashe Joffer gave it to us in every scene as well. Wearing everything from two braids to Nubian nots adorned with hair jewelry. I loved seeing all the natural hair texture styles on screen. It was a joy. It was just a bonus to have the princesses be the ones to protect the throne while Levell was out getting hitched. You know the boy they searched queens for to be his precious heir but yeah that was girl power for you.

They had some amazing girl power grown woman scenes. I could have fell out my seat when I heard the queen told King Akeem ” do you see me hoping on one foot barking like a dog” she meant that! I mean even the prince’s love interest ( she was getting Lavell’s hair right too) had ambition she wanted to own a hair salon of her own. In the end Lavelle wanted someone with vision not a queen that would just cater to his every whim with no personality of her own. I loved that they continued the tradition of royalty falling in love with substance beauty and brains. Not that Lavelle wasn’t tempted though lol.

Coming 2 America was a whole event for my family. My cousin printed out zumuda money with King Akeem on it and we ate burgers and fries out of McDowells containers and took home bags of bottles that said soul glow on them. We had fun and I came dressed in an African skirt. I was a proud citizen Zummda that day. I hope that you enjoyed the movie as much as me and mine did. It was the perfect way to continue celebrating black history and representation of positive black stories on screen. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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