My poor unfortunate scalp #pat pat

A rare glam pic from 2017

Hey gurl hey! Listen my last wash day I had to go ham on my scalp. It was not even an option. I knew it was real when I was sitting on the couch and it was brought to my attention that I was shaking the couch by scratching my scalp. I was like I gotta get this together asap!If you suffer for dry scalp baby this is for you!

I struggle with scalp issues and have for years. I have talked about winter itch with you guys but this was another level. Actually Im not gonna lie after giving birth two years ago its like my scalp has gotten worse. It was one of the changes that I experienced that hasn’t gone away.

My scalp will literally peal so yay me not really but yeah. Im going to walk yall through step by step what I did. The first thing I did was prep my hair for shampoo by massaging grape seed oil on to my scalp and on to my hair while finger detangling its usually a light finger detangle but umm not this time.

I let it soak in over night the next thing I did was shampoo my hair with Ogx argon oil of Morocco. If you are looking for a moisturizing shampoo I recommend it. I rinsed it out and I took maybe a cap full of apple cider vinegar and diluted it with water but then I did something different. I added a night time oil I use for my son that has lavender, frankincense oil, and orange peels. Cant you just smell it through the screen gurl Im saying! Okay, okay Im back like that oil takes you on a trip. After the oil I put a few drops of the oil into a my apple cider mixture.

I poured the apple cider mixture on to my scalp massaged it in and let it sit for 15 minutes. I usually just pour it through and massage it into my scalp and just rinse it out. This time I needed to let it sit. I had to let it do its work.

Apple cider vinegar naturally exfoliates your scalp and breaks down dry skin and any build up you may have. In my case I need it to break down my dry skin and the patches that I wanted to rid my scalp and hair of. Like I can’t walk around with skin peals in my hair that is not a look.

If you are struggling with an itchy scalp apple cider vinegar is your friend it keeps itching at bay it restores scalp ph and it helps to prevent infections. Basically it gets you right.

I once had a conversation with a young lady years ago who didn’t have afro texture hair but she was telling me that her mother taught her about apple cider vinegar. So, after every wash she did an apple cider vinegar rinse. Her mother swore by it and so did she. Im not gonna lie this young lady (who was a coworker at the time)had shiny, thick, full and long hair.

When ever I do or talk about apple cider vinegar rinses I remember her advice. Its so funny to me just how much I have learned about hair care has been from having conversations with women who were willing to share. You just can’t be afraid to ask. We were talking about hair and she shared a tip with me. She said it made her hair healthy and shiny. She had been doing it her whole life. Listen I will listen to someone telling me about healthy hair practices that have worked for them.

I encourage you to ask and share information with other naturals and women in general. Even if they have a different texture hair then you they can still help you care for your hair. Now disclaimer do your research make sure it’s a good idea and is helpful in maintaining a healthy hair routine for you and your needs.

Okay now back to my wash day. Im back on track don’t even worry boo I got you. After I rinsed the apple cider vinegar out it felt loads better. I didn’t stop there. I went in with some conditioner (Tresmme conditioner for dry hair). I massaged the conditioner on to my scalp and my hair.

I know that people will tell you not to put conditioner on your scalp. But listen that’s for folks who have oily scalps y’all girl she aint got that. I learned a long time ago my scalp and hair will devours moisture so I have to work to replace it. So if you are struggling with dry scalp I say take some conditioner put it on your scalp let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

Honestly…. just putting the conditioner on your scalp is going to feel amazing. It’s usually cool too it feels so refreshing.Y’all already know if you read about how I condition my hair I ain’t even rinse it out after that I put my hair in two braids and rocked the heck out.

The next day I rinsed it out and I was able to kiss my itchy scalp goodbye it was like I had a whole new scalp. I rinsed out my conditioner and put some of my love beauty and planet coconut milk and white jasmine conditioner as my leave in. I finished off with sealing it with grape seed oil. Here I am a week later and my scalp is doing just fine. Not to mention Im super hype because I got some squeeze bottles now and Im going to be back to share the oil mixes that I come up with for my poor scalp. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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