DIY Oil blends or whatevah

just my braid out results after bathing my hair in oil for a few weeks

Hey, gurl, hey! Welcome back to the blog! Its been a minute but it’s good to be back. In my last post I talked about how I was super excited to have gotten my squeeze bottle fresh in from amazon. I told y’all I was gonna share my oil mixing adventures. Guess what that’s exactly what Im going to do.

I can’t even tell yall how hype I was when I got these bottles and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better a little birdie decided to bless ya gurl with a big bottle of Jamaican black castor oil and Jajoba oil, raw African shea butter, and a whole mess of flax seeds. I can’t wait to use all of them it was literally a D.I.Y queens dream. But Im being patient because I sure enough am not out of the African shea butter that I already have but them oils and that flaxseed tuh.

Listen Im trying I look at the package everyday and feel like that kid at the party who can’t wait to open their goody bag although they already have a slice of cake in front of them but here I am. What can I say Im a sucker for good ingredients.

But lets switch gears back to my oil mixing. I really enjoy mixing oils I really do. I like all kinds of oil mixes. The first squeeze bottle I made was grape seed oil based with a few drops of jojoba and tea tree oil. Its something about how tea tree oil makes your scalp tingle that just makes you want to dance I can’t be the only one.

I later actually shared the same mix with my cousin for her daughters hair ( also my cousin I love those girls). When I was running low on my grape seed oil (because I just love it so much) I ended up going half and half with olive oil.Other then having one half olive oil and the other half grape seed oil the mixture was the same. I added the same amounts of both jojoba and tea tree oil. I love a good olive oil blend so it worked out just as good as the previous oil I used.

For another cousin of mine I was very creative and mixed in whatever oil she was cool with.This one was the most oils I mixed in a while. Her oil mix contained Jamaican black castor oil, jojoba oil, a splash of sweet almond oil, grasped oil, and lastly an oil blend that is called breathe which contains peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. If Im not mistaken I also added in rose water as an extra razzle dazzle if you will. This oil was the most fun to make.

Although the blend with the most oils was fun to make these days Im taking it pretty easy. The last two oil blends I have done have been pretty simple. I have mixed Jamaican black castor oil with jojoba oil as the base and then added in my breathe blend. The simplest one I have done is Jamaican black castor oil and tea tree oil. I have really been leaning in to the last one its simple and affective and right now my scalp is not loving spring so thicker oils are the best for me. I do alternate between the tea tree and my breathe blend I only use a few drops either way.

My main goal is to keep my scalp from peeling like a darn snake. But what I will say is using oil on my hair and scalp hasn’t hurt and its good for my hair routine. I gotta say I never forget to seal my ends when Im staying on top of my scalp care. There is literally no way to forget to seal your ends when you oil your scalp and you just use whatever is let over and work into your hair and ends.

I have noticed that my hair is a lot softer and more manageable when Im using my oil blends regularly. Its so easy to fall off but you can always get back on the horse again. Oh and another tip if your squeeze bottle opening is a little large put in a little bit at a time so you don’t end up bathing your face and neck in it thank me later. Remember, be happy be curly, be you and you will never fail!

P.S the sweat shirt that I am wearing in the photo is from my beloved org L.U.C.K.Y mentorship program and organization. If you would like to get the look or just support our organization check us out here .

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