It’s Kinda a big deal

Hey girl, hey! Wassup welcome back Afro frenzies. Now there are a couple of things that are kind of a big deal. A few highlights from the Olympic trials and ya gurls last washday where talking wash and go wonder over here.

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Happy first OFFICIALLY acknowledged as a Holiday Juneteenth!!!! whoot whoot and Happy Happy fathers day Weekend!!!

Hey Afro Frenzies!!! Welcome back to the blog. So some pretty big news happened since we last spoke. Juneteenth, although celebrated for over a century is now being recognized as a federal holiday. If you ask me it was long over due. Also Idk about you but I was about tired of folks saying they would love to do something for Juneteenth but they gotta work. Now let’s be honest some of us still will have to work but it’s definitely a legit holiday and should be recognized. It’s kind of a big deal. If you have no idea what Im talking about keep reading.

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Beach day Hair on deck!!!🏝👙⛱

Hey girl, hey! Whats going on y’all! I hope that your edges are full grown and your ends are sealed with all the shea butter and coconut oil goodness that your little heart desires. Today Im gonna talk about how I prepped my hair for a day on the beach.