Beach day Hair on deck!!!🏝👙⛱

Hey girl, hey! Whats going on y’all! I hope that your edges are full grown and your ends are sealed with all the shea butter and coconut oil goodness that your little heart desires. Today Im gonna talk about how I prepped my hair for a day on the beach.

Yall I believe in putting conditioner in my hair to protect it from salt water and chlorine alike. Listen most of the time I don’t even wear my hair out. It’s twisted up some type of way like I don’t even be caring.

But this time I wanted a loose crinkle so that’s what I did. In all honesty I had been on my braid out thing from the week prior. I was using my home made flaxseed gel that Im pleased to say has been well kept and put to good use for weeks now. I mean I have re-twisted the man’s locks and it has got my edges together and been the base for a couple of braid outs.

This time I needed to have a little something extra in my hair so I went for a my spray bottle that has my go to detangler mix in it. like its what I use when in a pinch when Im trying to save time. The mix is love, beauty and Planet’s coconut milk and white jasmine leave in conditioner and good old grape seed oil with warm water and that’s a win.

The last thing I did was wear a sun hat. If your going to be sitting in the sun a sun hat doesn’t hurt and it protect all hair types. I wasn’t the only one who got in on the fun I sprayed my son with my spray bottle mixture too and braided his hair up a bit. I wasn’t sure what he was going to get into. Im sure glad I did this one kept throwing sand over himself and splashing in the ocean.

So were talking about between wash days for ya girl so I already had that good good flaxseed gel in my hair so all I had to do was mist it and plait away. Heres the thing previously I was using pure water as a mister and then my gel but not this time.

I decided to go with this over lathering my hair with conditioner because I still wanted that light fluffy blow in the wind and still got that same hair type feel. Also I had my little one so I wasn’t diving in I just wanted to make sure my hair had some protection just in case.

Proof ya girl did indeed wear a sun hat

Also yall when I sprayed my hair it reactivated the gel I already had in it so I wasn’t trying to do too much. I was more so looking to refresh my hair. So here’s the thing putting a rinse out conditioner in your hair is great but that’s if your definitely going to be having wash day the night after your beach day adventure. I was prepared for the possibility but if I didn’t have to I didn’t have to you feel me.

Beach day was super fun. But I have to say Im sure glad that I decided to put a little leave in in my sons hair. Ordinarily I only use the butters I make myself and if I don’t have that I use grape seed oil and just add water. I try to keep it very simple. Thats way I know that I won’t irritate his sensitive skin.I indeed had wash day for my precious little one when we got home and it was well deserved.

All in all it was a fun beach day and I can’t wait to go back and chase around my little guy. There are so many different ways to protect your hair and scalp from the sun and salt and chlorine water alike. Some easy ways are wearing a hat, using conditioner, even a bit of coconut oil can be a game changer. Nothing should stop you from having some summer fun not even your gorgeous hair. Until next time! Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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