It’s Kinda a big deal

Hey girl, hey! Wassup welcome back Afro frenzies. Now there are a couple of things that are kind of a big deal. A few highlights from the Olympic trials and ya gurls last washday where talking wash and go wonder over here.

First of all did y’all see that girl moving, Sha’Carri Richardson did not come to play with none of us!! She ran a 10.87 qualifying for the Olympics. Sha’Carri put on an amazing performance and an even better interview. Tugging at all of our heart strings when she talked about making her family proud and the challenges she faced. Sadly her biological mother passed just a week prior. As if that wasn’t enough to talk about, you know with her being the fastest women on U.S soil and compared to legends like Flo Jo who has held the record for thirty years.

Well while the rest of our heads were still spinning from her world wind performance, and watching her run into her grandmothers arms (if hearts could melt) what did they do start talking about Ms. quick legs hair and nails. Which I love if I may say so myself. Hair and nails is a form of expression and the African American culture has always been about expression from our clothes, to our hair, dancing, and yes our nails.

See I grew up with older cousins in the 90’s and they wore long colorful nails. They most definitely wore tall hair, short hair, and different color wigs. Wigs that I actively played in and thought about how cool I looked in all the different colors. My very own older sister has literally wore her hair every color of the rainbow except for pink (she can’t stand pink). And guys that’s just on my momma side don’t even get me started on my daddy side my aunts are legit cosmetologist they do what they want and I love it!

But what I don’t love is hearing people judge a phenomal athlete on her appearance. They have talked about this young ladies hair, nails and tattoos (which Im lost in the sauce about). They can say whatever they want they can never take away is that she left everything on the track in her very own words she is that girl.

I have loved seeing a young black women completely comfortable in her own skin and not afraid to express herself. This young lady is doing big things she is 21 and going to the olympics living out her dream. It is my hope that she will inspire others to show up and show out in spite of adversity and that’s all Afro Frenzy has to say about it. Cant wait to see her, her hair, and nails perform in the Olympic Games!

But the Olympic trial wonders doesn’t end there. Anybody that knows me knows that the my favorite track athlete is Alyson Felix. She the most decorated athlete ever. She has been on numerous olympic teams and has so many medals. I love her on and off the track. Not only has she qualified in both the 200 and 400 but she is running under her own company.

Felix got a whole company yall. Just a little reminder she was dropped from her sponsors after getting pregnant and having her baby girl. She was told to stay in her place. She is now married and a mom and going to the Olympics and backing herself with her own company Saysh. Felix hasn’t been shy about talking about the gender inequality she faced after expanding her family. Instead of waiting for change she created her own.

If fan girling out was a person it be this girl. I am a total fan and literally now a fan of not only her track performances but also her ability to literally take lemons and make pitcher after pitcher of lemonade. Although Allison Felix announced that this will be her last Olympic trial booo but seriously she is most definitely ending with a bang.

And did y’all hearts not melt after Hayes and Felix son and daughter hug after they go first and second for the 400 qualifying for Tokyo. When Hayes said “Super mommies” I could just scream it was such a cute moment. These women Im sure do it all for their babies.

My last high light I gotta share with yall for me and listen there are so many but I just can’t get to them all but what I can do is share one more. Yall, is Simone Biles winning or what? She is nothing short of amazing. I love how she challenges her self. She even debuted her very own move this year called “The Biles”, I mean her outfit said the G.O.A.T as it should.

But can I be honest my favorite thing about watching her perform is how she loves on those around her. In one interview she talked about being a mentor and using her knowledge to up lift other women. I am a huge fan of women uplifting women. If I don’t have to dim your light to shine was a person, she embodies it. She can literally be found fixing another queens crown.

So now that I shared my favorite moments from the Olympic trials, I have one more thing that was kind of a big deal my wash and go. For more than one reason but the biggest is ya girl tried a new shampoo. If any of you are new to Afro Frenzy it takes a lot for me try new products.

First of all Im allergic to every darn thing being as though I have an allergy to aloe which is in almost everything in this world. Being allergic to aloe is part of the reason I got in to D.I.Y’s heavy. Anyway I’m gonna stay focused y’all I finally tried the matching shampoo to the leave in conditioner I use Love beauty and planet coconut milk and white jasmine.

Well yall they got a whole darn line of the coconut milk and white jasmine. The shampoo is the latest that I have tried. I love it its sulfate free and that’s always a plus but I love that it didn’t leave my hair feeling stripped my hair was instead left soft and easy to manage even before I conditioned.

I finished off with the leave in and my homemade flaxseed gel and that was a wrap. I usually just use one or the other but this time I wanted a little extra hydration in my curls. Im hoping that this leads to a multitudes of good hair days up ahead.

I love a shampoo that gets the job done while being gentle on my hair. this shampoo is definitely on my list. If you tried this line or any of their other lines in its entirety let me know how it went holla at me. Until next time! Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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