lock appreciation #hewontletmebegreat

Hey Afro Frenzies welcome back. I know I was no where to be found last weekend but Im sure happy to be back this week. I hope that your ends are sealed to the heavens and your shea butter never runs out. I haven’t talked about locks in a hot minute like its been a long time coming but lets chat.

For any one who doesn’t know my man has locks that I care for. I been doing it for a good bit. Here is the thing, our last style sessions have went very well and his hair came out very neat and well moisturized so no complaints there. But there is a reason this post has a “he won’t let me be great” hashtag.

Anybody that cares for another loved ones locks may have guessed the dilemma. Mr.Dread head man doesn’t like to maintain them as much as he likes to have them. I try to get him to use oils and butters to keep up with moisture and seal his ends in between style sessions and he don’t want no parts.

Y’all one time I had to sit him down and tell him hey I legit make homemade butters, gels, and oil mixings that you can use. Yall his response was if I don’t do it(meaning ya girl) it ain’t fittna get done. So to be super dupa honest with y’all there have been times when I didn’t make his hair a priority. Once I told him to go get them done else where I ain’t doing them.

I know right pretty harsh but it can get frustrating and locks are a labor of love (especially when you have a full head of hair of your own to maintain). Fellow colaborators in mantaining somebody else head I see you girl we in this together.

Here is some advice that I gave to my whole self I can’t control periods of time when caring for his locks is not a priority. I can offer a time that I think works best for our schedules but it doesn’t mean he’ll follow through and if his locks are not my level of greatness but he doesn’t seem to mine I gotta be cool with that too.

My solution was to make the times that I do retwist and style his hair count. Here is what I have been doing. Ideally re-twisting happens on wash day but we’re flexible. Heres how it goes down.

First thing first I like to start on damp hair. If his hair is dry I go section by section taking a few locks and spraying them with a spray bottle (water only) and then I add a fast absorbing oil like jajoba or grape seed oil and I work it through the length of his hair.

Once I feel like his locks are hydrated I use what ever styling gel we have available. In our last two sessions we used my home made flaxseed gel and then in the next we used the Rasta Locking Gel, Jamaican Mango and Lime.

I have moved clear away from palm rolling and I just focus on re-twitsting at the root. In other news we have ditched hair clips (like forever ago) and in case you were wonder we air dry. We keep it pretty simple.

But wait Im not about to speed past that because its kind of a big deal. Yall this is the first time ever that he let me use my flax gel on him that’s small win for me. I was so excited to see the results.

Y’all before I use to the gel his hair was looking dull and just you knew eh. After I used grape seed oil and then my flax seed gel his hair seemed to literally come back to life. It was bright and soft and so healthy lookin.

The best part about is he was the one who noticed first. I was happy it worked well for him and when I make some more I’ll be putting some to the side for him as a product option. I fuss but I enjoy being apart of caring for his hair.

If doing his hair does nothing else it forces us to sit still in the same space with each other. Funny how something as simple as doing someones hair can become the small moments that make up the big picture.

It reminds you to live in the every day moments that may seem monotonous at times. It is in these times we can experience great joy with the ones we hold dear. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

Retwist in action

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