lock appreciation #hewontletmebegreat

Hey Afro Frenzies welcome back. I know I was no where to be found last weekend but Im sure happy to be back this week. I hope that your ends are sealed to the heavens and your shea butter never runs out. I haven’t talked about locks in a hot minute like its been a long time coming but lets chat.

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Happy first OFFICIALLY acknowledged as a Holiday Juneteenth!!!! whoot whoot and Happy Happy fathers day Weekend!!!

Hey Afro Frenzies!!! Welcome back to the blog. So some pretty big news happened since we last spoke. Juneteenth, although celebrated for over a century is now being recognized as a federal holiday. If you ask me it was long over due. Also Idk about you but I was about tired of folks saying they would love to do something for Juneteenth but they gotta work. Now let’s be honest some of us still will have to work but it’s definitely a legit holiday and should be recognized. It’s kind of a big deal. If you have no idea what Im talking about keep reading.

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Beach day Hair on deck!!!🏝👙⛱

Hey girl, hey! Whats going on y’all! I hope that your edges are full grown and your ends are sealed with all the shea butter and coconut oil goodness that your little heart desires. Today Im gonna talk about how I prepped my hair for a day on the beach.


DIY Oil blends or whatevah

just my braid out results after bathing my hair in oil for a few weeks

Hey, gurl, hey! Welcome back to the blog! Its been a minute but it’s good to be back. In my last post I talked about how I was super excited to have gotten my squeeze bottle fresh in from amazon. I told y’all I was gonna share my oil mixing adventures. Guess what that’s exactly what Im going to do.

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My poor unfortunate scalp #pat pat

A rare glam pic from 2017

Hey gurl hey! Listen my last wash day I had to go ham on my scalp. It was not even an option. I knew it was real when I was sitting on the couch and it was brought to my attention that I was shaking the couch by scratching my scalp. I was like I gotta get this together asap!If you suffer for dry scalp baby this is for you!

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Coming 2 America Came to slay

Bands on bands (shout out to cousin Caneil for making the family feel like Zummundan’s

Hey girl, hey! What is up y’all! Listen I know that black history month is over but baby let me tell you what Im here for Black history year! Yes Im so here for celebrating black culture and black history and how we contribute and contributed to society!Black history is American history and we need to familiarize ourself with it like it is. So happy belated black history month, happy black history year and Oh happy women history month!

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A Happy hair accident

Just a pic of ya girl enjoying an unexpected braid out

Hey gurl, hey! Welcome back to the blog! If no one has told you lately happy black history month! What a month it has been. You may be wondering what a happy hair accident is well its when every thing works out for an amazing hair day when you are not even expecting it. If you are also wondering why you never heard of this term before its because ya gurl just made it up.

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picture: Tessica Brown’s tic tock account

Hey girl, hey! Happy black history month to ya! There has been one story that has captivated men and women alike. Tessica Brown went viral asking for help with her hair after gorilla glueing it in a desperate attempt to supplement her hair spray. Although her ordeal is a story in its self the real story begins when plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng stepped in.

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