Babies first big boy hair style

Hey! I’m officially the momma of a one year old woot woot!!! I cant tell you how amazing that is for me. One year down a life time to go💃🏾.A few weeks after his birthday I decided to celebrate by giving him his first hair style (outside of his adorable curly fro that’s also amazing). Read More

Just a light dusting

Hey Naturals how y’all feeling! Cocoa butter kisses all around! I just want to talk to you all about dusting. Dusting is a technique of trimming that allows you to hold on to a bit of length (Girl that’s a win!). The goal is for when you finish you end up with what looks as if you have been dusting ( Hints the name). Read More

Whipping up a lil sumpin

My last wash day I decided that it would be a DIY washday well mostly. I have been meaning to add more DIY’s  to my regiment and I thought why not start this week. I looked up a few recipes and made them into my own.What I love about DIY’s is that you can use products that you would ordinarily have lying around  the house. Read More