It’s Kinda a big deal

Hey girl, hey! Wassup welcome back Afro frenzies. Now there are a couple of things that are kind of a big deal. A few highlights from the Olympic trials and ya gurls last washday where talking wash and go wonder over here.

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Coming 2 America Came to slay

Bands on bands (shout out to cousin Caneil for making the family feel like Zummundan’s

Hey girl, hey! What is up y’all! Listen I know that black history month is over but baby let me tell you what Im here for Black history year! Yes Im so here for celebrating black culture and black history and how we contribute and contributed to society!Black history is American history and we need to familiarize ourself with it like it is. So happy belated black history month, happy black history year and Oh happy women history month!

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What’s Afro Frenzy Got to say about “She’s Gotta Have it!” on Netflix


Hey Afro Frenzies! I just finished watching “She’s Gotta have It” and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I mean the show is woke as fudge cakes if I  do say so myself. I mean they hit it right on the  noise on every issue I could think of. The show was not just about Nola Davis’s sexcapades but also about her walk as a women and as a member in society and more importantly her beloved Brooklyn. Read More