Retwisting for the very sleepy dread head

Hey guys! Welcome back to Afro Frenzy. As you all know if you read my previous post I  wash and retwist my guys locks. This particular wash day I had a very sleepy man on my hands. In that moment I knew it was time to get creative. Read More

The Danger of Over twisting your locks

Art by Kira

Hey Afronzies! I hope that you are have an amazing week. Dread locks are amazing and retwisting them is essential in keeping them intact. But there is a danger in over twisting them.I get it when you’re sitting and letting your mind wander you retwist.Waiting at a red light you retwist. Trying to think of what you want for dinner you retwist. I get it it’s the dread lock version of my hands in hair syndrome. Read More