6 signs you may need a protective style asap


Hey girl, hey! Wassup yall! Todays post gonna get you right. Just writing this is getting me together. There are so many reasons why a protective style just might be the move for you. We all love to wear our hair out but sometimes its not a bad idea to give it a break and that’s where protective styles come in. Read More

HAIRZING Combs its a Hair Thang

Hey Afro frenzies, welcome back! Last week I told you all that I would be doing a review  on Hairzing combs and that’s exactly what Im going to do. I was gifted three combs the Double Cross in dark blue, the Austin Decorative wide wire comb for thick hair in black and the Cord and bead banana clip for textured hair in copper. Today Im doing a tell all on my week long play date with my new combs. Read More