image_a7377ab1-5e8a-4f2c-8c4d-25260d5203d3.img_2635Hey Afro frenzies! If you haven’t already been told happy black history month!! Today’s post is all about grey hair. When I got my first grey hair it was anything but magical. I didn’t believe I must have become wiser. I didn’t look at it as a right of passage. Read More

Product junkie anonymous 




We all have been or are recovering from being a product junkie. If you are not a product junkie; who are we kidding  you are most likely in denial let’s be honest here. Ok seriously you may really not be 🤷🏾‍♀️.But, chances are if you are reading this you might be you just really might be. So, now that we cleared that up what are we going to do about it. Read More

Whipping up a lil sumpin

My last wash day I decided that it would be a DIY washday well mostly. I have been meaning to add more DIY’s  to my regiment and I thought why not start this week. I looked up a few recipes and made them into my own.What I love about DIY’s is that you can use products that you would ordinarily have lying around  the house. Read More