Twas the night before a twaid out

Texture shot with that ring light!!!

Hey gurl, hey! Wassup Afro frenzies! Happy happy New year to you!!! Its been one heck of a year. so here I am walking in to the new year with yet another way to set my hair. Im always looking for a new way to style my hair and this time the Twaid out was it.

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Epic natural hair fail!

Hey yall wasp. I hope you all are well. Staying safe and finding creative ways to still make the most of this summer. Todays post is literally going to be me sharing yet another story time with you about a very silly thing I did that was far from the best thing  I have ever done with my hair. Read More

What you won’t do you’ll do for Big Hair


Hey y’all! I hope that your deep conditioners got your hair looking right! I just want to share with you all a little secret about myself ( not really a secret trust me). I am a fan of big hair. 

I mean I love it big! Heres my dilemma I don’t pick my hair and I am not willing to diffuse my hair. I know your probably reading this like girl stop the madness! Read More