I was gonna wash my hair but then life happened

3 day old wash and go

Hey girl,hey! Welcome back Afro frenzies!I hope that you guys have enjoyed the long weekend.Quick question have you ever had a day that should have been a washday but you just didn’t have the time. Well between you and me I actually had two back to back.

In an ideal world we would always have all the time in the world to do our hair. The reality is that’s not how it always works out.I once had an old team mate of mind talk about not having the time to wash her hair as a mother. I couldn’t relate I was not yet a mother at the time. I now can relate oh too well.

These two days I can’t really blame on the many hats that mothers wear. I have to chalk it up to just one of those things that just happens and we say it just life or whatever. Well I was coming off of a wash and go and it started off really cute but.. after a few days in the bonnet it was no longer camera ready.

I had to go to the dmv and there was no way I was going there with out looking like a human bean. I refused to show up as some bed head no oil no shea butter having monster. So I got my tools. One of which was my fav spray bottle and some oil to be honest I think I used grape seed oil but guys look I don’t remember I may not have used any at all I was in a rush to procrastinate ( I was not trying to go for real for real).

I started off with a braid going across from left to right.Y’all I got hair jewelry a while ago so I was pretty excited to use my hair rings for braids I got off amazon. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to use them so that’s exactly what I did. I weaved them into the braid being sure to space them out. I then took the rest of my hair in sections spraying it first then combing through with a wide tooth comb. I avoid brushing dry hair at all cost. I especially avoid dry brushing when my hair is in an extremely curly state. Thats just asking for your hair to brake off.

Okay can I be honest I didn’t know what to do to my hair.What I did know is that I wanted it to look nice. I decided to go with a mid bun that I made out of two loose twist once I gathered my hair into a pony tail. If you have thick hair you know the struggle. Im sure your arms ache just thinking about it.

I brushed my hair with a soft bristled brush to situate any fly aways and that was my look for the day.I thought to myself I’ll have myself a wash day the next day but…. y’all the fellas ( the men of the house) decided a beach day would be more fun and I agreed.

I mean come on its summer time gotta enjoy it while it last. Having a wash day just to get into the ocean didn’t seem practical.Postponing wash day yet again seemed like the better option. This time when I called myself refreshing my hair I was just thinking about recreating my look from the previous day. I also wanted to keep my hair hydrated and prepped for the sun and salt water alike.

I devised a plan. I created a simple hair oil mix of jojoba and Jamaican black castor oil. I used the oil to seal in the moisture from my spray bottle and coat my hair from the sun and salt water. Welp I did this using a deman brush and guess what I actually liked how my curls came out. Okay so it was more of a texturized fro but I was cool with that.

When I got back from the beach I finally had my long awaited wash day. It was really an apple cider vinegar with tea tree oil rinse. Well more like scrub when I do it. I scrub it in just like shampoo and this time even down the hair shaft. I left it on for 15 minutes and rinsed it out. Its something about tea tree oil that just makes your scalp feel amazing and makes your hair so soft.

Oh and remember that Jamaican black castor oil? Well not only did it do its job at the beach but, it also prepped my hair for wash day after all. While I enjoyed a day with a perfect view of the ocean my hair was being prepped for wash day/night. It’s definitely possible to multi task I just happened to pick one of the best places to do it from.

After my apple cider vinegar rinse I used my love beauty and planet coconut milk and jasmine as a rinse out and leave in. I know it might sound redundant but hey apple cider vinegar is pretty strong. I finished it off with my flaxseed gel and my hope about a multitude of amazing washdays was granted. Another wash day down a lifetime to go. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail!

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