Babies first big boy hair style

Hey! I’m officially the momma of a one year old woot woot!!! I cant tell you how amazing that is for me. One year down a life time to go💃🏾.A few weeks after his birthday I decided to celebrate by giving him his first hair style (outside of his adorable curly fro that’s also amazing). Read More

Sorry I was late it was my hair


Photo: Naturlandchic

Being late because of your hair is not a new phanamonom.For me In the past I was always running late and I bet you can guess what I got stuck on. Yup that’s right my hair. Just the other day I had a meeting scheduled. I was on track. I got up on time. My breakfast was simple so I cut my time in half. Every thing was going according to plan until I got to my hair.I just didn’t square off enough time to do what needed to be done. Read More