transitioning? looking to learn how to manage natural hair?

Hi, so I would like to share with you guys some new hair info. So we all may have heard about the new “no heat hair movement” if not it is a new hair collection that is providing weave, that is our natural hair texture. It is said to behave and react to products just as our own hair does. However, they do have products that they recommend with the hair. This new hair collection, maybe the help you were looking for. W either it was because you were natural hair curious, and wanted to take it out for a spin. Or were looking for a way to still rock your curls while having your hair in a protective style “no heat hair collection might be what you have been waiting for. For years we have had hair lines that provide hair that do not look and feel natural, now we have a hair collection that allows us to be true to ourselves, while we give our hair the break it needs. Also, this is perfect for individuals who are transitioning and can’t wait on their perms to grow out, but just can’t wait for long big full curls. There is no need to wait; you can experience the look you want. However, a lot of individuals are going natural, because they want to accept themselves as who they are, and everything that that entails. I think that’s beautiful, I don’t just think that no heat hair collection is good for the look. I also think we can use this as an opportunity to experience different textures. We would be able to relate to what our friends or loved ones are going through, and to have a better since of acceptance and understanding especially if you want to be a hair stylist. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail.

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