Detangling curly hair

Hello all, we have talked about detangling before, but today we’re going to go into more detail. So, first things first, a wide tooth comb is a must! A paddle brush, or a brush with spaced out bristles is best. Now please, remember to start combing from the bottom, and work your way up. By detangling from the bottom, you avoid the additional knots you would get from starting at the root. I do not detangle dry hair, unless I’m going for a fro, or blow-out look. With that being said, I detangle, as I said before, under water. Adding conditioner to your hair, and letting it sit for one to two minutes, should cut down on your detangling time, and effort. As I said on my last post, conditioner cuts down on hair shedding when detangling. It is best to detangle section by section, instead of attempting to take on your entire head of hair, all at once. Trying to take on all of your hair all at once can cause frustration, and add additional work to the task at hand. If you want an alternative to conditioner, there are detangling sprays that you can purchase that act as an agent to aid in detangling your hair. Although, I don’t use those currently, I have used them in the past, and they sufficed. If you don’t want to detangle in the shower, you need to invest in a water bottle. If you have a water bottle, you can still spritz your hair, with water which will do the trick. If you’re going to do both brushing and combing, I suggest brushing first. I’m not sure if it matters to others, but I always found it easier to get through tangles, when I brush my hair first before combing it. Remember to comb and brush your hair gently. Take your time and comb softly. You should not have to snatch through your hair, and should not hear the comb working its way through your hair! It’s best if you’re calm and have the time to give your hair adequate treatment. Once your finish detangling you can start working on your new look! Remember to love your curls and love yourself. Chat with you guys again next time.

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