Empower others and encourage their hair journey



Today I’m not going to give tips or new information I just want to talk to you all about accepting and loving yourself and your hair. It is important to others, and with women with natural hair that is a must! I don’t mean to sound preachy, but women should not tear each other down, but offer our support  of one another.

Okay so I have to admit I love Facebook! There are soon many  pages that have all kinds of hair style ideas. I absolutely adore that there are now a ton of  outlets for women with in the natural hair community. With that being said  some women post captions along with their picture like twist envy, or fro envy or other remarks that imply you should covet their hair for whatever the reason.

Welp ya girl would like to respectfully disagree! I know it is all in good fun. Here is the thing   we  have to be careful that it does not divide us. We can’t have someone  believing that they are less then because their hair doesn’t look like someone else’s. The latter wouldn’t be much better.  Could you imagine women and men actually believing that their hair is better because of its texture. Like that would ever happen. If you sensed the sarcasm dripping off the screen make no mistake it was there.

The whole point, or so I thought of going natural is to accept yourself as a whole person.  It is the outward manifestation of a black women radically loving herself from the inside out. To know that you and your hair are beautiful, and that God has made no mistakes. So, let’s tear down all the false beliefs that a thin, coarse, wavy, or curly hair type is better than another. We all have a seat at the table!

If you have course hair your beautiful. If you have thin hair its beautiful. If you have  wavy or curly hair know that God made you in his own image, and you are who you are on purpose.If no one told you that you are beautiful today you heard it here on Afro Frenzy. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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