bad hair habits

Hey, so we all have our share of bad habits. I have mine when it comes to hair, and I know you do too! So, today I will bare all! I twirl my hair. Yes guilty as charged I’m that girl twirling, pulling and tugging, and playing in her hair! It’s the worst habit, I kicked it, but when school started back up this semester I was back at it. Not always greasing my scalp directly after washing my hair. Falling asleep on my hair is like a big one, but I’m kicking that. Changing hair styles far too quickly. Doing my hair in a rush that may lead to not so gentle detangling sessions. Scratching my scalp far too harshly, but now I message my scalp with my fingertips, especially since it’s due to nerves and allergies. This is an old one that took me no time to kick so no judging over washing my hair. I was an athlete so when I worked out I would sweat in places I didn’t even know I had but my scalp would be drenched so I couldn’t stand it I would wash my hair like every 3 to 4 days to rid my hair of excessive sweat, but then I started to co-wash with warm water and all was solved. Last, but not least trimming my ends as a little girl. I hated getting my ends trimmed I still hesitate; it’s just those scissors coming at my hair SCREAM! I couldn’t stand it, I went through a stage where the curl of my hair at the tips I hated, and I would hack off my hair way too short when it came to trimming. Now I have learned and I trim as needed and it’s just a snip. I say all that to say that we all have are hair struggles, and where all growing along this journey, we have to realize our fault and grow to move past them. Something’s we will struggle with our whole lives, but don’t give up not in life and not in hair! Send in your bad hair habits and how you plan on kicking them. Remember, be curly, be happy, be you, and you will never fail.

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