Coil me Crazy

Hi, I ‘am super excited to share with you all that I have finally tried coils. I’m not sure if they are in love with me or I ‘am in love with them. I have tried coils once before, but it didn’t turn  out the best and it wasn’t my hair. So I have officially broken myself in to coils, and no guys I ‘am not locking my hair just broadening my hair style options. I saw coiles done with combs, but I decided to do finger coils. Before I began the process of coiling my hair of course I had to cleanse and condition my hair.

After detangling my hair I began to coil my hair. I started off by taking my hair section by section in the desired size I wanted my coils to be. Now when coiling your hair I learned that it is a must to use a hair holding product. A product that would remind you of gel as it can be described simply. I do not use gel, but gel is not the anti-Christ as long as it doesn’t have alcohol or silicones in it you should be fine. I used a motions product by the title of “define My Curls”. “Define My Curls” has Shea butter, avocado oils, and coconut I found it to provide really good results. I usually use it when I do my twist. It seems to give my hair a little extra hold, if your hair is anything like mine you get what I mean.

However, when coiling my hair I took a little bit of the product and wet my finger with water I started at the roots and I twirled my finger around then held the strand with the opposite hand in order to move my way down gathering more hair to begin to twirl it around my finger again. After I make it down the strand I make my way to the next section. When coiling your hair you want to pay close attention to the ends and the roots closest to your scalp. A coil may separate easily if the top or the ends are not secure. My hair is pretty soft so they must be secure or, they will without a doubt unravel. When I was styling my hair, I did notice that at times I had to go back and tighten a coil (if it was slipping out). I also noticed that if not careful your hair my tangle while wraping with your finger.

Once the coils were finished I had to let them dry before touching them or styling them. Once they dried they were in place pretty well. Coils are the foundation for locks, so just as you would do your twist don’t keep them in too long or, your hair will lock. No your hair is not more prone to locking with coils then twist but, you want to be just as mindful unless beautiful locks is what you’re looking for (locks is a fine choice).I fell in love with coils and I hope you all will send in coil results and pictures. Remember, be curly, be happy, be you, and you will never fail.

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