Delaying wash day is not the move



You set an entire day aside for it. It’s marked in your calendar so you won’t forget the date. You have done everything to make sure that this particular day is a priority, and that day is wash day. It comes like clock work and some-how we still manage to put it off as if ignoring it will make it go away.

Wash day has been characterized  as a dreaded day amongst the natural hair community and  with good reason. Although we love trying new hair products, and  the latest hair style what actually goes into wash day can be less intriguing.

We know the drill cleanse, condition, insert oil, and products of choice. For me the ritual of  dare I say  detangling is the most time-consuming. So, because we don’t feel like doing it we put wash day aside holding out for another day or two. We see the signs our curls are flat, our hair is dry, the products we are adding to compensate are just becoming a bigger mess for us  to clean up later.

When you put off wash day it makes it harder to detangle. you now have knots that could have easily been avoided. Your hair is in desperate need of moisture not to mention all the products that you added over the course of your hair cleansing strike,and yes those  products are now  build up for your scalp and hair. The flakes will be a pill to wash out. if only you could have washed your hair sooner.

I myself have been known to put off a wash day or a million tbh, but when you think of the extra work it takes to comb out the baby locks that our now forming at the nape of your neck, it just doesn’t seem worth it. I am a living witness that putting off wash day is not the move and never has been. Take time out of your schedule to care for your hair, so that you can avoid dreading your wash day more than you have to. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you and you will never fail.

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