DIY Curly Cream Success

Hey y’all! I hope that your week has been filled with bomb hair days. I know what you might be thinking and no I have not become a bartender. I am most definitely   not on the show Mixology. But I have been mixing and whipping ingredients together to formulate my ideal Curly Cream. Good news ya girl done did it!

The last time I spoke about making DIY curly creams I was still trying to figure out what ingredients I wanted to use. One thing that I had to get through my head is that how you go about mixing your ingredients is just as important as the ingredients you use.

I was told by Ebony ( you may not know her but she’s dope)  that the key to making the ingredients really blend well is to mix them while they are all in the same state. I mean it  was an aha moment if you ever had one. It was as if a light bulb went off.

Not only do the ingredients need to be at the same state, but  you should also do it on a low setting. This   prevents it from   fighting to get back to its original state.  I had melted  Shea butter before but because I didn’t get the best results I wanted  thought it there was no point in doing it. I had no idea that the way I was melting it was the problem.

Being as though coconut oil (on a relatively nice day) is in liquid form I had to melt the Shea butter to make it also be a liquid. Once I did that I was in the game. In the past I would let the Shea butter soften at room temperature. Let me just say blending Shea butter that’s not melted can be la struggle on the real.

Although the ingredients barely changed the way I got to the final outcome did. I used Shea butter, coconut oil, honey, vitamin e, and Black castor oil and flaxseed eco styler gel. I added in a bit more of the gel this time for more hold. Just between you and me it was worth it! I started off by melting down a few spoon fills of  Shea butter. I put the Shea butter on at the lowest setting.

Once the Shea butter liquified I matched the same amount of coconut oil along with a few drops of vitamin e. I went on to add a ts spoon of honey along with a  couple of scoops of gel. After all of the ingredients were mixed together  I put it in the refrigerator until the mixture became solid ( you don’t have to leave in your curly cream until its solid  I simply forgot all about it don’t be like ya girl).

Once the mixture was solid I mixed the ingredients until I got my desired texture and viola the perfect curly cream ( for me anyways).  Ya girl mad history even if only in my small world known as my life. Now I finally can get the benefits from all of the awesome ingredients I have been using because they what? have now been blended properly. Boom!

I absolutely love the results that I got this time around. The cream literally melts into my hair. I would definitely recommend this recipe to someone else. The only modification I would make is to wait until after you take the mixture out of the fridge to mix in the honey and  gel. The reason why I say this is because as I said early mixing things together while they are in the same state just makes for a better blending of the ingredients.

Over all I came I saw( I experimented I made mistakes I failed)  I conquered.  I   can now say that I  came out of the DIY game with a decent curly cream under my belt. I encourage you guys to share your DIY Curly cream adventures. This is just the beginning I look forward to sharing more of my DIY struggles and successes with you guys right here on Afro Frenzy. Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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