Come through Natural Brick house Beauty

Hey, y’all. I have to tell you how my last washday went. I tried a new product line and it did not disappoint! My cousin/sisterfriend has started a new hair care line Natural Brickhouse Beauty. If you’re looking for a hair care line that uses ingredients that are pure and the creator has been using to grow  their very own beautiful head of hair I would highly recommend it.

Lets get into it! Her hair care line carries deep conditioners and whips. I decided to go with the Strong Arm deep conditioning cocktail for strengthening and thickening and the Juicy fruit Shea Butter Hair Whip for moisture and shine this week. I have actually just had a schedule change. I now work nights and as most of you may have guessed that’s when my deep conditioning magic happens.

Listen! I just decided to go for it and do a two-part washday. For me that means doing it in stages. I prepooed washed and detangled then put the deep conditioner in before I went to work. Heres what I noticed when I was applying the conditioner it didn’t just sit on the outer layer of my hair it really seeped in. This was a game changer!

Not only did the conditioner penetrate my hair I could also see the effects of the conditioner. My hair was soft, it had whip appeal,( which means everything to me) and tons of body. Mind you this is before I even rinsed it out.

For a minute I was really thinking about wearing my hair down. But instead I put it in a bun to deal with later. I just really needed you all to know that that  was an option and that is never the case for me. If I even  tried to leave (regular not a leave in) conditioner in my hair and style it my hair would dry out  but this experience was different.

When it was time to style my hair with the Juicy fruit whip it did exactly what it said it would. The whip provided my hair with moisture and shine.If you have been rocking with me for a minute moisture is my life! I was pleasantly surprised  with how little I actually needed. I didn’t even use half the jar and I tend to be heavy  handed when it comes to products.

I finished my wash and go off with my personal fav black castor oil and flaxseed gel. I really didn’t even need much of my gel. I merely used a bit of gel because, well you guys know how much I like a good hold. Big hair isn’t accomplished over night! I have to get to day three hair  at least and a bit of gel helps me do just that!

Shout out to Natural Brickhouse Beauty for a boom wash and go and a wash day that couldn’t have been more stress free. This one is for you! If you’re looking for homemade hair care products that have your hair in mind hit up Natural Brickhouse Beauty on the     Facebook page NaturalBrickhouseBeauty and on Instagram @ natural_brickhouse.

The prices can’t be beat and they are delivered air tight so no worries there. There is not much more I can say  the products are amazing. I plan on sharing more of my experiences using the Natural Brickhouse Beauty products. I do hope that you try them out for yourself and when you do come back and tell ya girl how you liked them in the comments. I would love to hear from you. Remember, be happy, be curly, be  you, and you will never fail!


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