The Miracle of Witch hazel

Ya girl recovering crumpled shirt and all

Witch Hazel comes in with the clutch period! I have so many reasons why it’s dope. Y’all know I always have a story so gathering round its story time once again on Afro frenzy!

In a previous post I told y’all to get y’all hair did towards the end of your pregnancy! I recommend it but y’all know what it is. It was during this time that witch hazel saved my scalp.

When I came home from having my son I was recovering from a lot. Double lung pneumonia was one of them. Let’s just say a shower was out of the question (let alone washing my hair).

I didn’t submerge myself in water when I bathed. I just couldn’t afford to walk around with wet hair (I air dry after wash day). This is where witch hazel came in.

I had individuals and it was about time I took them down. I wanted a clean scalp and I was going to get it! Witch hazel is what gave me the cleansed scalp I was looking for with out the wet hair I was trying to avoid.

Witch hazel is perfect for cleansing when you have a protective style. You can simply use a cotton ball dampen it with the witch hazel and wipe away. It dries almost instantly finish off with your favorite oil and keep it moving sis.

In my situation I was going from individuals to two braids (by my momma). Shout out to my momma foreal! She really came through dealing with my thick hair because baby got THICK HAIR!

She did an amazing job. We finished off the two braids with a rod set and pop of color. It was my little pony tail vibes all around. If I can I just be honest with y’all hear me out;

When you feel like crap it’s the little things that make you feel better. when I looked down at my colored tips it made me smile. Such a simple thing.One of my favorite nurses when I was having my son said something profound(shout out to you Nurse Debbie we love you forever๐Ÿ’•).

“If your feeling down and a hot shower and hot meal won’t make you feel better something else is going on.” That statement reminded me to take solace in the little things. My pop of color was one of my little things.

Oh and pro tip ladies if your taking down a style when using witch hazel wipe your scalp then take down the braid. Individuals already have a part make it easy on yourself you have perfect access to your scalp k.i.s.s(keep it simple stupid). Remember, be happy, be curly, be you, and you will never fail!

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